Community Insider Summer 2017 - Page 26

LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT COMMITTEE UPDATE PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE UPDATE by D. Robert Ward, Esq. by Yvette Huffman C Why is CAI Membership valuable to you? J ust about any CAI member (HOA Leader, property manager or business partner) will tell you that CAI has a lot to offer, however, the results are still up to you. Like anything important in life and business, the outcome really depends on how much energy and effort you put into it. The CAI brand is like a mark of excellence on all who carry it. Within our industry, CAI membership gains trust and creates opportunities more quickly for those in its ranks. HOA leaders who attend CAI Leadership Sessions are likely to live in more harmonious communities that understand HOA leaders are volunteers who pay close attention to quality of life and financial decision making. Management companies and mangers with CAI membership and designations are highly respected and sought after to manage multi-million dollar properties. Members who participate in CAI events and programs seem to find more opportunities than those who are not part of this thriving trade association. 26 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | SUMMER 2017 Along with leadership sessions taught by industry professionals, CAI trade shows and social events are always abuzz with “business networking”. CAI San Diego is part of a unique international organization, connecting business partners, managers, and homeowner leaders; linking their ideas, and blending them together to produce the best possible results for members and the communities they all serve. CAI San Diego serves the interests, business and governance needs of over 6,000 HOA’s in San Diego County. We share ideas and best practices with 33,500 other members across the country. Locally, our goal is to invite prospective members to attend our events and choose for themselves. On top of all this, is the one on one interactions with new and experienced industry professionals, who are more than willing to share their knowledge and lessons learned. Come try us. We guarantee you’ll like CAI San Diego. WWW.CAI-SD.ORG AI San Diego’s Legislative Support Committee has one goal in mind when they meet each month over sandwiches: discuss relevant proposed and ongoing legislation and how they might benefit (or burden) San Diegans living in community associations. CAI San Diego 04>( 2ƗfVǒF67W76BFV&FRw2f 4V&W'2F7FvV֖f&VB&VWf@77VW2ffV7Fr6VFW2F&VvWB6FVv6VGB&WB6f"#r4026VB&FBvVB6&vRCsRf &V6&FVB&VW7FFRF7VVG3W&W76V@7W'Bf"Vv6FFBvVBrvW'0FFRC2FFVGV7Ff"VƖfVB76W76VG3B6VvBFVB76fP&FBvVB&WV&RvW'2FF666P6W'F&fFRf&FR&G&GV6V@fV''V'vVB&WV&RvW'2FvWB&VwV &6FV6BvƷv7V7F2'Ɩ6V6VB6G&7F'2B&WV&W2w&VBFV&RW֖Ff"&Rf&FV6P6F7B6'W'6VFƖv@VFƖv766FW26%U4U52%DU 4ԕEDTRUDDP'Ɨ&6Ԇ6W@R'W6W72'FW'26֗GFVR0vV6VBGvWrV&W'2F27@F6vF&vW7BG66R@גvFvW7B67BvVVB&F&RfW'FfFVBB&VGfW'ffVBvR6fW'W6FVBFV6RFFFWfVBvR&Pv&rf"FRfFWF2D$F2WfVB0vrF&RfW'FffW&VBB&RVVRFFW"WfVBvRfRBFR7BBvF67W72vW&gVv2F'&r&B&VƖVbFW Fǒ7G&W72B熖WGF2v&RfW'&VpFRB6WFrFBvVR&fRW ƖfW7GRvRF6FRBbVRFGFV@F2RbB67267FGVVBf"&Pf&FF6R4ԕEDTPUDDU0@RV&Ɩ6F26֗GFVR2fbFw&V@7F'B#rvF&FWrVFW'6@7FfRffVVBg&G2V&W'2F20FR6V6BV&Ɩ6Fb#rBvR&RpF6FVRF'VBFR6FfRVGVЦg&7BV.( 2&V'&FrB&Rf&GFrf FR&VFW"bF2V"B&WBFRf W"6FVVB7W'BbW"V&Ɩ6FBbPfRF72bFW&W7BFBRvVBƖRF6VRF( BW6FFRF&V6WBF6"fWGFRVffL*VffG&w6VGvVVB6T$U%44ԕEDTRUDDP'W&VגFp@RV&W'66֗GFVR2W6FVBF6p7&V6RV&W'6g&7BV"'&FVǒrR2b&637B#rvP&V6FRFR&Bv&FBW"6֗GFVPfVFVW'2B7W'&VBV&W'2fRFRFf@&R'W6W72'FW'2vW'2B&&@V&W'2FBfB4&VVf6v^( &RFfFV@FVWFR&&ƖrBv&RVVFpWr&w&2FRFW"7&V6R#r&VƗGbR&RFW&W7FVBrFPV&W'66֗GFVRFVW26WfRW v2#rfVVg&VRF&V6WBFFR6֗GFVP6"W&VגFrBcC2c"fRL*W&VזFtVfwFV66$UDrB 4ԕEDTRUDDP'6֗GFVRV&W'0W"6FRWW'G2WfVBv2VvR7V66W72vV6RWrV&W"fW&RW'2FPvW"bW"VV&W'6F"&R6RvFR"6֗GFVR2vV&rWf"W VfBG&fRBfVFVW"6gBvFfVVFpW&66FVvG&fbW"fBBFR4ff6R7F'FrVR7BB&W"6VF'0f"FRVǒWFWfVB6V6WBf6V&f &RFWF2"f6BW"vV'6FRF6vW2fVFVW""G&fb6F