Community Insider Summer 2017 - Page 22

Most community association pools are chlorine pools and have the equipment typically associat- ed with a chlorinated pool and might include a “peristaltic chlo- rinator.” The addition of salt cells does not mean this chlorine equipment needs to be removed. In fact, it is better to leave it in place so that if the pool chemistry becomes overloaded due to heavy use, the chlorine system will act as a back up and can be programmed to release chlorine when needed to maintain a better water chemistry. POOLS AND SALT WATER CONVERSION BY KRISTY STONE Ultimately, the cost for maintenance could end up being the same as for a chlorine concentrated pool or spa. so the decision to convert really comes down to eliminating the harshness of chlorine and making pool use more enjoyable for the bathers. H aave you ever gotten into a pool for a refreshing dip, only to find your skin feels dry and itchy after you get out? This is due to the amount of chlorine in the water required to reduce or eliminate fungus growth and keep the water from turning green. Some community boards have decided to eliminate the complaints of red, itchy eyes and dry skin by converting to a salt system. 6fW'6F6B77FVЦ2BfW&ǒ6Ɩ6FVB&FW F6WfR6fW'6FRW7FpV&r6VFrFRV@fFW'2&V6RB6@# 4DTt4TE4DU 5TU"#p6V2&RFFVBFRV&W"b6B6V2&WV&VB2FWVFVBWFRV&W"bv2bvFW"FR"7G22wVFVƖR7B&6&B2vVVBR6VvR&vW"6VG766F&WV&RfW""&R6V2ࠒRGfFvRb6fW'FrF6GvFW"77FV2FRrЧFW&6fw2FR67Bb6V֖62f"WR&VwV"&6Ч&B6VBv&WV&RV&ǒRvb6&RW"vVVFR6RvǒW6RR&rb6B&WBWfW'6F2FW"GfFvR2FRVƖ֖FbFR'6W72b6&R@&RV&R7v֖rWW&V6RW7V6ǒf"7vW'2FW&R2֗666WFFBFW&R26&R6@vFW"77FV6B77FV6&R27F&W6VBFRvFW 6V֗7G''WBBƖR&VwV"FW&R2W726BFR6@6V2F6VvFW"FR6V2CR'G0W"֖ƖvRFR6ƖGb6B2&WB3S0FRvFW"B6BfRF&VvFR77FVFR6VvfW2fbvVVV7G&66&vRFB6W&FW2FRV7VW2B7&VFW2f&`W&R6&R6VB6&W26B3v62FVVV@&6FFRFR6BV7VW2W7Vǒ&Vf&B&R&V76V@F7F'BFR&6W72fW"vuur44B$prF&fPW"7W'&V@W7B6G&&w&&W7F&F6Vr'VFr6WF2b&P&W7F&F6W'f6W0vFW"( "f&R( "@6WFR6W'f6Rg&7F'BFf66VpwWGFW'2G66RG&2G'W"fVG2BGW2bf&rBFWFW0&FW 6W'fp6FVvfW"3V'26W'FfV@4Ɩ23cSs#S&W'G&FW 6VW7V6Ɨ7G02FPvW 'VFr6WF067G'V7F&W"f&rFV6PfVRBR6F6f7FG&fV#Br3cRS֖WFR&W76RFR4B6GFV&&R&WBW"6W'f6W067FWfR'&&65$27FW"6W'FfVB33s`csSswwrt6VvE&W7F&F6Уc23s WGFrFPVG6VG6WFFfR&6rvFv֖62धW7BVƗGff&F&PW7BBFW&֗FR6G&BvFW'2vVVBvR&VƖWfR7&VFr'FW'62vFFR6VFW2vR6W'fR'f6ƗFFrV6V6FBG&7&V7WfW'7V7BbW"'W6W72৖W"6VGW"6֗FV@cSBcs@wwrFVƗW7F6G&6Х4DTt𥳃##rc##P( 2Rb2D( 4$4$@( R""RDvFW'6vVVB6