Community Insider Summer 2017 - Page 18

EVENT CID Law Seminar 63 Managers and Homeowner Leaders joined Sponsors and Four Outstanding Faculty Members for the 2017 CID Law Seminar at the Ramada Inn on Friday, March 31. Thanks to each of you for helping to inaugurate a new site and being the reason we came together! Special thanks to knowledgeable speakers, Mark Guithues, Laura Kwiatkowski, James McCormick, Jr., and Rick Salpietra. EVENT Thank you Sponsors! Session Annual Education Conference & Trade Show JW Restoration, Cleaning, Building Solutions, & More P Alta Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. lenty of Superheroes were in the house at the Wyndham – Bayside, Friday April 7 to celebrate the Annual Education Conference & Trade Show. Eight TOP Presenters advised Managers and Homeowner Leaders in two separate morning and afternoon sessions. Thank you to Melissa Brown, Christina Ciceron, Ken Dillingham, Mark Guithues, Cyndi Koester, Joe Kozora, Vicki MacHale, and Rachael Robenolt for sharing your knowledge. Avalon Management Group sponsored Keynote and Inspirational Speaker, Mike Adams! AMS Paving, Inc. Avalon Management Grou &BVvR6V7V'G6W'f6W0W7FVw&VbvV0&( 2G66pWFW'2bg&VVF'&6W&P&vW"rf&Х&p'W&Fbv&@'&Vf7@6W'F&FW'0V66F&brFRFW"76'2Fw&WFPfvVVBw&W *&W&FrbvV'&VW@r&W7F&F6Vr'VFp6WF2b&P&W&r7W&6RvV76GvFR&FV7F6W'f6W0V&Uv&2&V67G'V7FbFpF6W'0&FV6Fp&6WFW&'0&BbR&FvP&FV2'VFr6W'f6W<*g&VG2vF&VVfG0w&VV''Bbg&V647W&6RvV7&p6WFW&7&72&W'G67VFG042Ww&FP&6FBf|*&W&r7W&6RvV7W7FVw&VbvV0&vW"rf&ХWFW'2bg&VVF*&VFfR7W&6RvV7t5"vFW'&frb&fr24DTt4TE4DU 5$r#puur44B$p