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Protecting your largest investment and your peace of mind for years to come? TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT Challenge accepted. By Kirby Hady C ontrary to popular belief, 95% of paint failure is due to applicator error. This means the contractor did not do his job right. With the rainy months in our near future, we often get asked this question: Should we wait until after the rainy season to paint our community? Painting season is not determined by terms such as “summer” or “fall,” but by weather conditions such as moisture and temperature. As long as you are safely within those climactic boundaries, it can be considered painting season and for Southern California that can mean all 12 months of the year. Thank goodness, we live in a very unique climate which gave us 277 days of sunshine and great weather last year. Because of our unique climatic situation, it allows us to have more flexibility when it comes to application of a coating and not be a part of the 95% failure club. When a painting contractor decides its okay to paint and that the air temp and moisture on substrates are with in the specific paint products specifications then the decision to apply the paint is made. Manage this and everything else falls into place along with of course never painting while its raining. Secure your community’s future with national resources and local expertise. Associa’s national resources and local expertise have uniquely positioned us to help your community accomplish any goals your community sets. Top-tier management, bulletproof finances, comprehensive maintenance and a customizable menu of additional services ensure your community thrives, and our local, qualified staff are committed to being your trusted advisors every step of the way. When heading into the rainy season we pay extra attention to the weather report. This ensures that we have ample time to prepare for the rain when it does come and allows us to navigate and adjust our production schedule accordingly. Just as high and low temperatures can affect the paint and how it cures so can the “fluctuations” in the temp. If there are big temperature swings from high to low this can cause the coating to fail. The temperature during fall/winter here in Southern California is more stable and has less fluctuations from hot to cold. This allows paint to cure, perform and do what it is intended to do. Kirby Hady is the Director of Client Education for Pacific Western Painting, Inc servicing Southern California. 8 | Associa is up for the challenge. CONTACT US TODAY! Year-round painting has been my experience as a third-generation painting contractor here in Southern California. I can’t say the same for other states that have to shut down their exterior painting business from Oct-March. We are fortunate to live in such an amazing area that allows us to maximize the opportunity. SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SPRING 2018 9610 Waples Street San Diego, CA 92121 858.550.7900 | 5950 La Place Court, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92008 760.634.4700 | WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 9