Community Insider Spring 2018 - Page 6

CONTENTS Trade Show & Educational Program – North County MAR 23 CID Law Seminar – San Diego MAR 24 Super Run APR 8-9 Legislative Day at the Capitol APR 11 Ask the Experts Roadshow APR 17 Morning Leadership Program – San Diego MAR 6 TABLE OF CONTENTS MARCH CAI SAN DIEGO 2018 CALENDAR APR 19-20 M-201 Facilities Management MAY 9-11 CAI National Conference MAY 16 Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show 2 Presiden 8&\Y\YH H[X\ܛH[\Y]HH[Y\ H[ܛ[XY\\ܘ[BS HH[HY P[[\ HYH\]\HYY][’S HBHYH YX][ۘ[ܘ[H8$[YYHZ[܈Z[ HHX\H܈X[BLH[X[]\ [H H][][H ][[HX]\\’S LHZHYRH LH[Z]YH\]\ ͈H\XH\XܞBMH[[HZH[\ H8&\HX\ۂMH\ۛX[[Z[ HY[H[YX\\H] [H[X[YH]BNHY^HX\[ۈ[YH Hݙ\ܞBHH\]]\]XZ[HYX H][[]YY[X\‚B]\\HXX[Kۈ\[][]Y\”X\HY\RH[YY&\X]H܈H]\[ܛX][ۋːRKT ԑSQQSUSUHSQTS NBːRKT ԑŸ