Community Insider Spring 2018 - Page 42

COVER STORY SILLDORF LAW, LLP NEW AND RENEWED MEMBERSHIPS Abuaita, Issa Acosta, Ramona Adams, Susan Addington, Chad Alvarez, Gerardo Anderson, Clayton Andrade, Sara Anguiano, Filiberto Aron, Craig Arredondo, Marlene Asplund, Melissa Balderas, Maria Barman, Jeffrey Barrett, Jason Bartel, Michelle Beaumont, Jeffrey Bemus, Corin Biondolillo, Andy Bisson, Rick Bolduc, Jamie Boomhower, Matthew Brasil, Tony Brink, Bill Briskin, Jeffrey Brooks, Tom Bruce, Michael Bryant, Suzanne Burnside, Stephanie Calderon, Marco Camacho, Issac Canty, Timothhy Cardena, Carolyn Carini, Louis Carmichael, Cat Castro, George Castor, James Cena, Chris Charest, Phillip Chertko, Adam Chevalier, Diana Chism, Todd Chomicz, Leslie Ciceron, Christina Cisewski, Jody Clark, Bruce Collins, Cindy Collins, Heather Cook, Kimberly Costa, Kristine Cox, Douglas, Croce, Lauri Cross, Wendy Cuevas, Diana Dahdouh, Nizar Who is Silldorf Law, LLP? Silldorf Law, LLP is a leading full-service community association law firm that provides the highest quality legal services throughout Southern California. Our firm has devoted its practice to representation of common interest developments for over three decades. We are proud to be recognized as leaders in the field through published works, speaking engagements, and industry group positions. Our attorneys’ wealth of experience ensures expert advice, superior results, and unmatched client services. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the tools, education, and answers needed to establish and maintain successful communities. What is the Silldorf Law, LLP philosophy? Our firm’s philosophy mandates a proactive and preventative approach by identifying potential liability early on and determining the solution. Our attorneys use a team approach, working closely with one another, our paralegals, and our support staff.  This collaborative effort draws from years of training and experience.  It also makes certain that your association will always have more than just one attorney familiar with your matter, guaranteeing coverage for unforeseen situations requiring immediate legal counsel.  Our proven track record of success is based on the fundamental premise of providing our clients comprehensive, detail-oriented, and manageable solutions while simultaneously keeping legal costs affordable for you and your members. 42 | SAN