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Adam Armit is Senior Sales Executive for Park West Landscape, ISA Certified Arborist™, CLT, CWM ‘TIS THE SEASON CRABGRASS RHAPHIOLEPSIS vendors have two sets of blades for their mowers, so they can be sharpened and replaced weekly. Most homeowners do not sharpen nearly enough. If your turf is a thatch building variety, you might consider dethatching. This is generally an “extra” if performed by a landscape vendor but it can be accomplished at home by mowing your yard down to your mowers lowest setting by progressively lowering the blade each pass and watch for high sprinklers or valve boxes. A By Adam Armit s we roll into the first few months of the year, landscape is likely the furthest thing on your mind. As a property manager or homeowner there are many simple tasks that if done now will greatly reduce your workload and increase your satisfaction of your landscape this spring and summer. Crabgrass prevention begins in January, before the ground warms and the thousands of tiny seeds already present in your soil begin to germinate. Landscape vendors apply a pre-emergent herbicide before February to offer protection from crabgrass until May when it is reapplied. This product is also typically applied to planter beds to reduce weeds that come with the spring rains. Homeowners can fertilize with a product that has “crabgrass prevention” in the bag. Just remember, pre-emergent control products effectively stop all seeds, not just crabgrass seeds, from germinating. If you were planning on over seeding any bare spots in your lawn, do not use crabgrass prevention now; it will keep that new seed from 38 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SPRING 2018 You will notice that quality landscape vendors may not prune spring flowering plants like rhaphiolepis, ligustrum, and photinia this time of year. You should do the same since you would be pruning off the buds that will soon blossom. You can however prune off any frost damage from winter now that the danger of frost has lessened. You can cut back ornamental grasses and morea (iris) before new growth starts. LAWN MOWER Landscape vendor are constantly performing “PMI’S” or Preventative Maintenance Inspections to your property’s irrigation system. Homeowners probably haven’t touched their irrigation for a few months at this sprouting. Please communicate with your vendor so they do not inadvertently apply the pre-emergent if you are planning a turf renovation project. As we spring into February, homeowners should consider taking their lawn mower in for a tune-up and blade-sharpening. Many landscape management point. Gear up for spring and summer by turning on and adjusting each sprinkler head. Fix any leaks or breaks and replace any clogged or broken nozzles. Set up your timer to water for about 5-9 minutes (standard pop up nozzles) 2-3 times per week. Turn off the timer after it rains and leave it off for several days until you see the lawn stress. Controllers that automatically adjust based on weather conditions are now easily available in Home Centers and are a great idea. Proud recipient of CAI-San Diego’s 2012 “Business Partner of the Year” and consecutive 2009-2013 & 2015-2016 SDCAA “Mark of Excellence” Awards. Call us today! License No. PPO 15264 WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 39