Community Insider Spring 2018 - Page 30

A RECIPE FOR ROMANCE: WHY BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS IS IMPORTANT TO A HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION By Dee Waite A n Association might be an unusual setting for declarations of love, which is what people tend to think of when they hear the word “relationship”. Associations might be familiar with Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, sure, but relationships? Why would HOA’s be concerned with relationships at all? This might be groundbreaking news to some, but we are all in a relationship with an HOA whether its living in one, managing one, or contracting with one. Associations are built and operate on relationships, and the nature of those relationships is vitally important to the quality of life for its members. There is the fundamental relationship between the members who have shared ownership over the common areas, the relationship between the general members and the board of directors elected by the members to manage business affairs, the individual relationships between the people elected to serve on the board, the relationship with the manager, landscape company, arborist, pool company, maintenance contractor, roofer, and the list goes on and on. There is no end to relationships within an HOA, and all have an impact on what it is like to live there. 30 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SPRING 2018 Ok, if it is accepted that HOA’s are built on relationships, why does it matter if they are positive or negative relationships? For the answer to that question, consider a community where the relationships are negative. The board has little trust in the service providers or each other; the members have no trust in the decisions made by the board. Everything is questioned and second-guessed. A &wVVG2&R66PBw7VG2&RF&VFVVBvF7V6g&WVV7FBFRVvf6W2&R266'Br2'&"fV'7FWVशrvVBRvBFƗfR"v&FW&S6r&R6FfR&VF62FSFW&R&RfWrgVFVFw&VFVG2FBW7B&R6R琧&VF6vWFW"&WGvVV&&BV&W"B6G&7F" vW"BVvW#G'W7BF22FRfVFFFBWfW'FrV6R2'VB6vBRVBVvBR6vV֗7FW2&PFRvWFFVBR&W7FGWFvWfW"76&R26"&6&B'&66B( F( B&RV&'&76VB'W fW&W2V&g&FVB7F'Bv( vVFW&R2G'W7B6V6F2&R&RVffV7FfRVR&R&RF&RVBW7B7FVBbvF6rFV"&62ࠐuur44B$p3