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Ryan Figley is the General Manager of Park Laurel Owners Association for Action Property Management, Inc. THE HEPATITIS OUTBREAK AND THE EFFECT ON OUR COMMUNITIES It can be difficult keeping facilities sanitized especially since our janitors have such a vast area to cover. It is also impossible for communities to enforce handwashing. The public is more apt to using hand sanitizing stations over washing their hands. It is quick and effective, and it is something that you may wish to incorporate into your facilities. Especially near bathrooms and kitchens. It may be in the best interest of your community to invest some time and money in your facilities to prevent By Ryan Figley I n 2017, San Diego had a serious health and safety awakening. Residents and workers in downtown having to wear masks and gloves to walk from place to place so that they stay out of contact with the Hepatitis Outbreak of 2017. It was a horror movie right outside of our front doors. It may not be as bad as having to wear masks or gloves, but that did not stop people from taking necessary precautions. The first story was reported by the news on August 28, 2017, and the Department of Environmental Health immediately published ways to prevent contracting Hepatitis A. On September 1st, the County of San Diego declared a Public Health Emergency. The majority of the 577 illnesses and 20 deaths from Hepatitis A occurred downtown. However, some instances occurred in suburban neighborhoods where smaller homeless populations linger. Some of our local cities that reported a significant number of illnesses include El Cajon, Santee, Pacific Beach and Chula Vista. Through vaccinations and an emergency cleaning of homeless encampments, the number of newly reported 20 | SAN DI EGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SPRING 2018 the spread of Hepatitis or any other disease for that matter. Communication to your residents is also key. No community wants to see itself on the news for having a HepA or similar outbreak. A little investment of time and money now will protect your residents, the community, and the property values. It may also be recognized by prospective buyers as a proactive community! For a complete copy of the publication by the DEH, please visit sdc/deh/fhd/food/pdf/publications_hepatitisA.pdf Pacific Backflow Company, Inc. outbreaks has decreased significantly. Although our County is heading in the right direction, it is not in the clear just yet. ph: (760) 639-4000  fax: (760) 639-4005 Serving San Diego County South Riverside County South Orange County Most of our hard-working janitorial staff have been trained recently by their employer on the outbreak and how to prevent coming into contact with it. There are tips that we should all be aware of to prevent ourselves and our community members from contracting the disease. Backflow Testing Repairs Installations Replacements Theft Deterrents Pressure Regulators Cross Connection Surveys According to the Department of Environmental Health, Hepatitis A is highly contagious and usually transmitted through fecal matter and a lack of washing hands and surfaces thereafter. The following surfaces should often be sanitized, especially in common areas; Toilet room surfaces, light switches, kitchen surfaces, phones, tables and chairs, doorknobs, computer keyboards, recreation equipment, railings and remote controls. To clean these surfaces, use chlorine bleach. The DEH recommends 5,000 ppm, which is 1 and 2/3 cup bleach per one gallon of water. Make sure you wear gloves and something to protect your clothing when cleaning. We Make It Easy! CA Lic 609775 WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 21