Community Insider Spring 2018 - Page 12

COMMITTEE UPDATES Business Partner Legislative Support The goal of the Business Partner Committee is to provide Business Partners with the best possible experience with CAI San Diego, and to show them why their membership and support is so important. Our biggest focus this time of year is the Reverse Trade Show. This event is an amazing networking opportunity for Business Partners to meet with decision makers from participating Management Companies, in a series of speed interview sessions. This event is highly recommended if you are looking for new business opportunities and want to expand the network of Management Companies you work with. We were fortunate enough to have 23 Management Companies and a plethora of Business Partners participate this year and encourage you all to get involved in next year’s event! Thank you to all those that made this day a wonderful success! The Business Partner Committee is also committed to promoting the Educated Business Partner distinction and will be working with the Membership Committee to continue increasing memberships – if you are looking for a committee to join this is it – Contact Brittany: There I was at the California capitol building in Sacramento advocating on behalf of the Community Association Institute (CAI) and representing homeowners associations to Assembly member’s staff at the CAI California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) April 2017 Legislative Day at the Capitol! After a day of preparation and introduction to the CLAC advocate and delegates we were ready to enter the halls of the impressive home of the Senate and Assembly. Talking points for each bill either sponsored or opposed had been detailed and documentation of the CAI positions were in hand to make available to the legislative staff. Community Outreach We were divided into thirteen groups consisting of attorneys, delegates and community association volunteer leaders to execute a series of thirty-four meetings with the Senate and Assembly member legislators and staff. by Brittany Vik 360 Community Management by Patrick Morrisey Yacht Club Condominiums by Amber Korody Pernicano Realty & Management We are in full swing for 2018! Our first outreach event this year will be our 5K on Saturday March 24th with the Superhero “Race for Autism” Run. Everyone is welcome, and signups are at We are following shortly behind with our Meet the Experts Roadshow – Reserve Study Edition on April 11th. And the ever so famous Feeding America Food Drive set to start in May with the delivery/volunteer day on June 23rd. We encourage everyone to join in while we are able to show San Diego just how much CAI cares about our community! Contact Amber: for more details or to join our exciting committee! 12 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER SPRING 2018 group met with staff from two Assembly members. We made all the points in support of or opposed to the CAI CLAC priority Bills. I took the opportunity to introduce myself as a homeowner, elected Board of Director member, and HOA President, and relayed my actual experience with regards to executing exterior restoration projects and conducting elections as it applied to opposition of SB 721 (decks and balconies: Inspections) and support for AB 1426 (Uncontested Elections). Attend local education events to keep ahead of the changes that will impact you. I encourage you to take action locally to affect legislation impacting homeowners associations, participate in 2018 Legislative Day at the Capitol, and assure your association makes a Buck-A-Door donation to CLAC. For more information on how to join the Legislative Support Committee Contact Kelly: The Publications Committee is pleased with the continued support and involvement from its members. We are pushing an emphasis on using photographs from San Diego communities to enhance the magazine articles in place of stock photos.  Our goal to increase from a quarterly publication to bi-monthly is now pushed out to 2019 and can only happen with an increase in advertising sales from our members.  Please help us achieve this goal.  Thank you for your continued support of our publication.  If you have any topics of interest that you would like to see, or have an article you would like posted on our social media site, please do not hesitate to reach out to Chair, Yvette Huffman at yhuffman@ or to Vice Chair, Dee Waite at Membership & Retention Attend local social events and network with industry contacts. Gain access to the chapter and national websites and access information on career advancement, professional designations, website content, and publications & periodicals. On behalf of the Membership & Retention Committee and the entire Chapter, thank you for your efforts and we hope you will join us to grow our membership! If you would like to get involved with our committee Contact Laura: Publications  by Yvette Huffman Trilogy Community Management by Laura Todd Southern Cross Property Consultants The newly rebranded Membership & Retention Committee would like your input on how we can boost retention in our chapter. What keeps you coming back? What additional support do you need? As we continue to nurture our members, we are also welcoming more new members by re- launching our Pledge Drive. Renew your commitment to CAI in 2018 and share the benefits with your industry colleagues. Upon entering we found the halls of the Capital buzzing like a beehive. People hurried to engagements and meetings, discourse in progress along the way. There were large groups of constituents spread throughout the corridors all hurriedly making appointments in support of their cause. My Member Benefit Highlights: Gain access to CAI’s Government and Public Affairs Advocacy Center: learn about the latest legislative efforts being fought on your behalf and join in the fight to protect you 6VFW2ࠐuur44B$p0