Community Insider Fall 2018 - Page 30

3. Candidate Solicitation – Provide enough time to allow for self-nomination. We recommend that 30 days is an appropriate amount of time, but it can be longer or shorter. Some association governing documents will be very specific about nomination process time frame. The candidate is responsible for the content provided in the election package as the association. Neither the inspector of election nor management should ever edit or redact any information provided in a candidate statement unless specifically stated as a limitation in the governing documents or election rules. A deadline is a deadline. If any candidate does not meet the self-nomination deadline, they should not be put on the ballot. As you are probably aware, the SB 1265 measure going though California Legislation is advocating some interesting changes to election procedure and candidate qualification requirements. According to the Legislative Counsel’s Digest, “This bill would delete the requirement that the rules specify the qualifications for candidates for the board and any other elected position and the qualifications for voting. The bill would prohibit an association from disqualifying a member from nomination, except for not being a member at the time of nomination and as specified with respect to certain felonies or the failure to pay regular assessments.” This bill’s passage is something to understand and think about. voters due to confusion on how to cast their votes or return ballots. Make sure to have the facts straight in the content and double check your dates and times. Voters will catch flaws. These are just a few of the items of which to consider during any election to avoid a contest. Elections are an expensive endeavor and the need to redo them because of flaws or mishandling can more than double the original cost to the association and add to voter contempt. Put serious consideration into all election activities performed to hold challenge-free elections. Get the election pa 6vW2FRFR3F2Bff'7B672R&BFƖr( 27BF7G&'WFbFRVV7FFW&2FR&G2&RF&RFR7W7FGbFP7V7F"bVV7FBFW26R&V6VfVB'FP7V7F"bVV7F2&G2&R'&Wf6&RfB琦FfW'6bFR&Bg&FRfFW"FFR7V7F"BFRVWFrbv6FR&G2&RF&RVV@BF'VFVBV&W'2&RvFW72'WBBFW&fW&RvFFR&6W726G&7FfFW0bvW'2FB6VBF7'WBFRF'VF&6W72ffV7FrG2fƖFGVW'6W'frV&W'2֖VbffRfVWBg&FRF'VFv&&VFV7W&RFW&R&RF7GW&&6W2GW&rF27V7B`FRVV7F6Ɩgr&W'GvVV@6f2vW7FW&&氦ffW'2FVF6FV@FV2FVS7&V6R&fG06ƖgGVW2VG0vRw&wF&VGV6Rg&V@V&&P7W6'V&evW scC3"33"6'V&6f7vW7FW&&6У6FW&'W'6R7VFR#"W66FF4W'F2WFW'6গ2'FW"FR7V7F'0bVV7F2B2&VV&fFrVV7F6W'f6W2f"766F26Ɩf&@Fǒ66R#bW'F26&R&V6V@BW'F4FV7V7F'6fVV7F6ख7V7F'26VB&R&W&VBF7vW"VW7F0g&FRV&W'2B&fFR666R@G&7&VB7vW'2'WB6VBB&fFR琦f&FFBffV7G2FRFVw&GbFRVV7FBFR6V7&V7bFRfFR6f7vW7FW&&6УBVV7F6vR&W&FBF7G&'WF( 2VV7F0&RFffW&VB'WBFR&607G'V7GW&R26֖#F6PbVWFrV7V6"&&B&V6f"fFrVWFrvVF7G'V7F26FFFR7FFVVG2`Ɩ6&R&B6V7&W@&BVfVR&WGW&VfVRƖrVfVR4T"B$T44P5E%T5D2$P%DBFB6RW 34DTt4TE4DU d#66@66FVvuur44B$p3