Community Insider Fall 2018 - Page 22

WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? SPECIALIZING IN: • Built Up Roofing • Cold Applied • Asphalt Shingles • Tile & Slate • Roof Coatings, Title 24 • Standing Seam Metal WE OFFER: By Yvette Huffman and Mark Adams A nswer: There was no fence to keep the chicken out. Fences have been used to define property lines, to create boundaries for keeping something in and something out, and sometimes fencing is used to create an aesthetic or decorative impact. Fences are everywhere in San Diego County, including within most common interest developments. Eventually you will either be required to replace fencing on your property that might be shared with a neighbor or exclusively used by you. There are 3 types of popular fencing being used for boundaries and for creating property lines and they are: vinyl, wood and iron. Each product has its benefits, maintenance requirements and deficiencies. Use of any of these products will depend largely on location and application. VISIT OUR NEW SEABREEZE OFFICE IN SAN DIEGO! With a management portfolio of more than 170 associations and more than 70,000 properties today, Seabreeze serves a variety of property types with the shared understanding that every community is unique. Our people-focused approach provides every community with superior professional management and strategic guidance. Mid-rise & High-rise Developments • Single Family Homes • Co F֖V07FW"VB6VFW2( "6V"B֗VBW6R6VFW07FfRGVB6VFW2( "'W6W72&2b6W&6&W'FW06F7B6V'&VWRB#3"sSrF6VRpvR6F"W"6W'f6W2FVWBW"VVG2࣓cSRw&FR&FvRG&fR7VFR#6FVv4##26V'&VWVvB6Ф$$T44TdUBT$R2dTt22tTU2$tR4TE4DTt# 4DTt4TE4DU d#( "g&VR&b7V7F( "&bFV6P( "wWGFW"6Vp( "VW&vV7V&W'0( "&b'VFvWFp( "6ƖvB&W6VV@cccrCScRwwr&V֖W'&fv66ФƖ6V6RsScspffV6r2&V6P&RV"vV&W6pvBfV6r77FV2R&V6FW6Rf2&V6W6RB6&PW&VB7FFB0f&RVFR7GW2GW0B6'2FRGfFvRbf&GV7B2G2GW&&ƗG@&W67F6RFFWFW&&Fv626BfV6r&@7BFw&VBG&6F2vPffV6r2VFRGW&&RB27W66WF&RFfFr@7V&V6rfW"FR7@GW7G'VFrffV6p66@66FVvuur44B$p#0