Community Insider Fall 2018 - Page 22

MEMBERSHIP YOU SHOULD BE PART OF THIS CAI San Diego is the premiere representative, educational and advocacy resource for community association industry. The new $295 ceiling HOA annual membership, and affordable prices for management companies, managers and business partners, suggest that being part of this growing and vibrant “community building” movement has never been better or offered more value. This year’s leadership education programs for HOA Leaders, Managers and Business Partners are reaching larger audiences and garnering rave reviews. Board and committee engagement is growing and new members are joining in the fun learning every month. On top of 10 Leadership Education programs, networking events are adding to the community/family flavor of who CAI is, what it does and what it makes possible. Quick Look at the Growing National Trends CAI Represents Today, there are more than 336,000 associations, 66.7 million residents, 2.3 million Association board members and $85 billion in annual revenue in the common interest development industry that is making a giant footprint on communities across America. Picking up where local municipalities leave off, community associations preserve and protect property values, and add to the quality of personal and community life – or can detract. For those of us who work and/or volunteer in this industry, there is only one organization that serves the interest of community managers, community volunteers, and business partners alike- the Community Association Institute (CAI). Without your CAI membership, none of this is possible. With you and other smart minded community and industry leaders, all is possible. CAI is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities, serving community associations and homeowners by providing top-tier education, advocacy and advancement, publishing the largest collection of resources available on community association management, and advocating on behalf of common interest communities before the State and Federal legislatures. CAI San Diego leads the way in our region. By membership category, here are some of the advantages of membership, with the majority of these benefits being included in the basic cost of membership: Community Managers: Receive professional development and recognition Establish knowledge and expertise Earn professional designations, while impressing management company executives and committee association boards Networking with other managers and business partners that serve the industry HOA Leaders: Attend local educational courses, seminars and luncheons Board Member Toolkit – a “how to” guide for association leaders Receive “Minutes”, a governance e-newsletter Receive San Diego Community Insider Magazine Free online homeowner education courses Business Partners: Event sponsorship opportunities to reach and meet CAI Members Opportunity to advertise quarterly in CAI’s San Diego Community Insider Magazine, reaching over 2500 HOA’s Exhibit at local trade shows, and leadership programs Build relationships and meet potential new clients Networking and social even sponsorships with CAI members 12 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER FALL 2018 WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? SPECIALIZING IN: • Built Up Roofing • Cold Applied • Asphalt Shingles • Tile & Slate • Roof Coatings, Title 24 • Standing Seam Metal WE OFFER: By Yvette Huffman and Mark Adams A nswer: There was no fence to keep the chicken out. Fences have been used to define property lines, to create boundaries for keeping something in and something out, and sometimes fencing is used to create an aesthetic or decorative impact. Fences are everywhere in San Diego County, including within most common interest developments. Eventually you will either be required to replace fencing on your property that might be shared with a neighbor or exclusively used by you. There are 3 types of popular fencing being used for boundaries and for creating property lines and they are: vinyl, wood and iron. Each product has its benefits, maintenance requirements and deficiencies. Use of any of these products will depend largely on location and application. VISIT OUR NEW SEABREEZE OFFICE IN SAN DIEGO! With a management portfolio of more than 170 associations and more than 70,000 properties today, Seabreeze serves a variety of property types with the shared understanding that every community is unique. Our people-focused approach provides every community with superior professional management and strategic guidance. Mid-rise & High-rise Developments • Single Family Homes • Co F֖V07FW"VB6VFW2( "6V"B֗VBW6R6VFW07FfRGVB6VFW2( "'W6W72&2b6W&6&W'FW06F7B6V'&VWRB#3"sSrF6VRpvR6F"W"6W'f6W2FVWBW"VVG2࣓cSRw&FR&FvRG&fR7VFR#6FVv4##26V'&VWVvB6Ф$$T44TdUBT$R2dTt22tTU2$tR4TE4DTt# 4DTt4TE4DU d#( "g&VR&b7V7F( "&bFV6P( "wWGFW"6Vp( "VW&vV7V&W'0( "&b'VFvWFp( "6ƖvB&W6VV@cccrCScRwwr&V֖W'&fv66ФƖ6V6RsScspffV6r2&V6P&RV"vV&W6pvBfV6r77FV2R&V6FW6Rf2&V6W6RB6&PW&VB7FFB0f&RVFR7GW2GW0B6'2FRGfFvRbf&GV7B2G2GW&&ƗG@&W67F6RFFWFW&&Fv626BfV6r&@7BFw&VBG&6F2vPffV6r2VFRGW&&RB27W66WF&RFfFr@7V&V6rfW"FR7@GW7G'VFrffV6p66@66FVvuur44B$p#0