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COMMITTEE UPDATES MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE T he Membership Committee is thrilled to announce our end of year Membership Blitz. Every member you recruit from now through December 31st, 2018, is an opportunity for you to win a $200 Visa gift card! machine looks like a dinosaur makes it all the more interesting!)! Milling is widely used for pavement recycling today.  The asphalt is removed and ground up to be used as an aggregate in new pavement, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. In many cases some of the excess grindings are used as a base material for the new road surface. Please help us spread the word to your fellow Managers, Community Volunteers and Business Partners to boost your chances to win. Let’s make this the best year yet for CAI Membership! TO MILL AND FILL, OR NOT TO MILL AND FILL - THAT IS THE QUESTION By: Liz Williams, Vice President Business Development at AMS Paving Inc. A sphalt has a life span of 25 years, give-or-take. The give-or-take depends on the maintenance that it has received over the years. Look closely at the asphalt surface you may be considering repairs to.  If it can’t take any more and has nothing left to give; if the patches, overlays, crack seals and layers upon layers of seal coat just aren’t holding the surface together anymore, it is time to take it up a notch and consider an asphalt replacement process called, “Milling.” Milling involves a specialized piece of equipment called an asphalt milling machine.  This unique vehicle is used to grind the asphalt, move it up a conveyer belt and then load it directly into a truck.  The truck then transports the paving material to an asphalt plant to be recycled. The milling process can either completely remove the paving surface take just a little off the top.” The process of milling only the top surface layer is generally done in preparation for applying an asphalt overlay, which is generally 1 ½” thick. In the industry it’s called a “mill and fill.”  While a mill and fill can appear attractive for a while, it is important to remember that an overlay is still considered a temporary fix. Asphalt cracks originate from the foundation under the asphalt layers, so covering them up with a band aid doesn’t address the foundational failure; it just buys a little time. When a replacement project gets started, make it a point to observe the work in person-it is quite a sight!  Milling is a significant operation involving the milling machine, trucks, rollers, skip-loaders-all the big toys (and the fact that the milling 20 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER FALL 2018 For their sake and yours, invite someone you know to become a member. It is fascinating to see the process and incredible to see how quickly something you’ve looked at and driven on for years can become brand new. Once the replacement is completed, a commitment to a proper maintenance program will guarantee the maximum life out of the new surface. If you have realized the benefits of CAI membership and you are looking to give back – or gain even more benefit through greater involvement – we encourage you to join a committee. You can learn more about the responsibilities and opportunities within each committee by contacting the committee chair. Laura Todd Membership & Retention Committee Chair PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE T he Publication Committee has experienced some recent changes in leadership due the appointment of Yvette Huffman to the CAI San Diego Board of Directors. Stepping into the role of Committee Chair in Yvette’s place is Dee Waite, who has served on the Committee for several years and was the former Vice Chair. Yvette will continue to support Dee and the Committee in the role of Vice Chair. The Publication Committee is tasked with producing the San Diego Community Insider magazine, known locally as THE premier resource for education for all things related to common interest developments. Historically, the magazine has been published quarterly, but the Committee is now planning for bi-monthly publications, which increases the amount of knowledge we can share with our members! Those interested authoring an educational article for a future edition of the Community Insider may contact Dee at dee@ When contracting for these types of projects be certain to use paving contractors that are accustomed to working with HOA’s. They will better know how to meet the expectations of the Association.  It can be challenging working in someone else’s home territory, but a contractor with HOA experience can ensure the process goes smoothly.  Liz Williams, Vice President Business Development at AMS Paving Inc.; proudly serving San Diego and all of Southern California since 1981. / /in/caisandiego WWW.CAI-SD.ORG | 21