Community Insider Fall 2017 - Page 34

JUNE 2 – WINE NIGHT 181 attendees gathered at the Vintana Wine + Dine at the beginning of June for our Summer Kick Off Event - Wine Night. Accurate Termite and Pest Control was Event Sponsor.The night was filled with enjoyable conversation, power networking, great music, and lively laughter, plus wine glass clinks heard across the rooftop! Thank You Sponsors! VINEYARD Accurate Termite & Pest Control VALET Servpro Sorrento Valley/La Mesa MALBEC Pacific Western Bank [YPPTUXX[[ۙ][ ۘܙ]BܚY\]\B]ٙX\وX\[Y]B]\ YYX[ QTX[[\ܘ][ۋZ[[][ۜ [ܙBH\\Hۜ[[\[B[Hٚ[ ]\ٚ[[˂\\XXZ[[[BܙY[X[ [ HZ[\]\B]X[ \X]\[ˋBPԈ]\ٚ[ X[[˂UTPST][[˂SUUSӂ]H][ۘ[[”ԐTB][ۈX[Y[Y[ܛ\\[ܚ[[ [ TŒSQQSUSUHSQTS MBːRKT ԑ