Community Insider Fall 2017 - Page 31

than one at a time when the existing lamps burn out. In addition, there are minor variations in LED lamp colors of the same specification, made by different manufacturers or made in different batches. These variances can be subtle or blatant but any variation in light color down a row of lights is noticeable. Best practice is to convert the entire community at once, using products from one manufacturer, and plan to do a complete replacement at 80% of the rated life. 6. Utility Rebates. There are currently SDG&E rebates available for many LED lamp replacements but they are product specific and can often be surpassed, using a higher quality product, by the competitive bidding process. 7. Pool Lights. If you haven’t upgraded these to LED yet, what are you waiting for? The rate of return is less than 2 years, and the light quality is superior. 8. Lamp Ratings. Make sure you are working with a contractor that will purchase the right product for the job. We recently serviced a property with an LED lamp installed in an enclosed fixture. The lamp was not rated for installation in an enclosed fixture and caught on fire. 9. Return on Investment: A good LED conversion project will allow you to recover the investment with ample time to accumulate the funds to replace it again at the end of the useful life. Kimberly Weiss is the President and CEO of Three Phase Electric, a C-10 licensed Electrical Contractor serving all of Southern California with ƖvFr@VV7G&66W'f6W2FW6&R&V6VB@scsB@wwrƖvFr66G&2ƖvFr&VfF&V7BFBFB66FW"6G&0&R&V֗72VV7G&6G67VF6&R&VGV6VB'2V62#RR &RvFGf6VBƖvFr6G&2FR&GFƖR2FBN( 2W6FrFRf"VW&wVff6V7FPFV6v6Gf6VVG2FRFR&"FV6FR&RVrW V6גVf&VFfG&B66V7W&GVW&wFWVFV6RBVƗGbƖfRvRFRFRW@bW7B6G&DRRrR"0522DRR"E0WBW"WW&V6R@&W76fVW72Fv&f"RऄU5B$TĔ$PB$dU544U$4%TDu0w&VB7W7FW"6W'f6PFvR&W6VVBwV&FVP&VW7FFR7V7F0C"Ɩ&ƗG7W&6P67W&FRf6p&涖r6WF066vVVB6WF0VvW"766F06&&6W76r6&ƗFW0ƖR66W72B&W6V&6VFRVBF07W6'V&eFW'FVB'&6W&F2vW scC3"33"6'V&6f7vW7FW&&6У6FW&'W'6R7FRW66FF4##P4tRdԔŒU0Fg&VRsr#sr3swwrWW7FvB6Ч6f7vW7FW&&6