Community Insider Fall 2017 - Page 27

by supporting CAI and being the first Titanium member ever, as well as the 2016 Business Partner of the Year! Remember “one call does it all,” so call JW now and experience for yourself why managers and board members love doing business with JW. To learn more about our HOA Services: Call Steve Brink 619-750-7901 cell, 888-683- 3972 office. Steve is a IICRC Master Certified Restorer in Water/Mold, Fire/ Smoke/Odor/Textile #193176, IICRC Certified Firm #65915, and California State Licensed General Contractor since 1990 License #529914. Accurate Termite & Pest Control Accurate Termite and Pest Control started as a termite services only company in 1998. The original founder of Accurate Pest Control decided to sell the company in 2004 when it was still very small and struggling to make a name for itself. At the same time, Jim Donnelly and his wife Lesley decided to purchase Accurate Termite and Pest Control. Though neither had previous experience or knowledge in termite or pest control, both developed a keen understanding of solid work ethic and customer service principles by growing up working in their respective family’s businesses. Their first focus was to learn the termite and pest control industry with help from the members on staff who had the necessary experience. Their unique philosophy and approach to the termite and pest control industry proved to be successful and has made Accurate Termite and Pest Control Southern California’s fastest growing full-service termite and accurate pest control company! Alliance Association Bank Thriving homeowner and community associations want more, and that is the focus at Alliance 766F&vR&R&VBF&R&VF66VFW&VB&氧FBWG26ƖVBVVG2f'7BvFWW'B&W'27G&p66G66W72FFV66W'267F6FV@&GV7G27W7F֗VB6WF2B&V6֗FV@FFFrfVRBƖ6R766F&vPffW"f66WF2f"VvW"766F0B6FW&W7B6VFW2W"WV7WFfPvVVBFV2fW"SV'2bWW&V6PFR6VGvVVBGW7G'6vRfPFVWVFW'7FFrbRW"'W6W72BW 7W7FW'26VGvVVB6W2f6PVVR6VvW2FN( 2vW"6WF2VƖ֖FP76W2B&fFRRvFFRGW7G'( 2vW7@WfVb7W7FW"6W'f6Rg&W"67F6FV@6&&6W76r6VFW"FW"ƖR&涖p&w&W"ffW&w2BWW&V6RRBV7F&vFW"FVF&frbvFW'&fr22FR&'67FW"F&frbvFW'&fr2&VVfG2w&VFǒg&FRGvFV6FW2W2`7V&VBvVFvRBWW'F6RbG2&fpf֖ǒB7F'FVBvVF֗G&G&fVFVBF6&frFVvW7BfVFVB#BF&frbvFW'&fr&VGw2vB@FW2F6W'f6RW"7W7FW'2W"֗76( &6pFR&"7W7FW"6W'f6^( 6FVv6VGF&W&W6VG2FRfWRV6R6Ɩf&F&fFRFR&W7B&&FW"F&&FW"6W'f6RF&VvW@FR7FFRvFV66f7W6r7V6f0&VvF26WFW&6Ɩf&6fW&VBvPF6&frVW22vVW2B&vR6VFW0G'( 6V6>( 66R2FR&&V@'FW&6Ɩf&BW"vVW&67G'V7Fvr( R67G'V7F( 6fW'26VG&B6F&VFrWBW"&frf֖ǒ