Community Insider Fall 2017 - Page 22

Charge Your EV, At (little to) No Charge By Jeffrey A. French, Esq. & Michael J. Porrazzo, Esq. S ales of electric vehicles (EVs), including electric plug-ins and hybrids, have steadily increased in California over the last several years according to the 2017 first quarter California Auto Outlook published by Auto Outlook, Inc. on behalf of the California New Car Dealers Association, indicating that EVs are here to stay and are not simply a fad for the millennials and long- commuters. As car companies continue to design different models and styles that appeal to all demographics, associations will undoubtedly see an increase in EVs in their lots and parking garages and increased requests for charging station installations. San Diego Gas & Electric recognized 22 | SAN DIEGO COMMUNITY INSIDER | FALL 2017 this trend and now wants to do its part to make it easier for owners and associations to accommodate EVs. SDG&E recently created a new EV charging station program called “Power Your Drive.” SDG&E has committed to renewable energy and is determined to install 3,500 EV charging stations in apartments, condominiums and businesses around the San Diego County at affordable rates and with absolutely no maintenance obligations. Also, for those associations located in disadvantaged communities, SDG&E will install the charging stations at no charge. Owners can sign up for the program through their association and their charging station usage is billed (at a very low cost) directly to their residential SDG&E account. In order to qualify, associations must be able to dedicate at least five parking spaces for the installation and the association must agree to an easement for SDG&E to install and maintain the charging stations on association property. SDG&E requires the charging stations to be in close proximity to a SDG&E power source and prefers to install them at five contiguous parking spaces, give or take a few gaps. However, this may create an issue for associations with no common area spaces or deeded spaces where it may not be easy to shuffle owners around in order to utilize the charging stations. Also, in associations where parking spaces are assigned by the association, WWW.CAI-SD.ORG