Community Insider Fall 2017 - Page 15

• Replace all missing or cracked roof tiles, shingles or asphalt. • Apply mastic around all roof penetrations; including all roof-mounted equipment, skylight curbs and HVAC equipment or other systems. • Inspect metal coping seams and exposed fasteners and seal where needed. • Inspect all roof pipes and flashings and seal and paint where needed. License and Worker’s Compensation Insurance is Crucial Hire only licensed and insured General Contractors (B license) or Roofing Contractors (C-39 license) to perform roofing maintenance work. A bad fall could easily result in death and you don’t want that worker’s estate coming after you and your association because the contractor did NOT have worker’s compensation insurance. Buildings, like your car, require regular preventive maintenance. If you want to get the longest possible life out of all your building components then you must maintain them. The good news is that performing correct maintenance is much less expensive J. David Rauch is the than repairs or President of ProTec Building Services, General prematurely Contractors specializing in Building Maintenance replacing Programs, Repairs, your roofs and Construction, Plumbing, Inspections and Manuals, other exterior with offices in San Diego, Downtown San Diego, building Vista, Murrieta, Irvine, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. components.