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Local Realtors are always your best bet when buying or selling a home!

Read on for tips why.....

Real estate is a big deal. For most individuals, a home is the most expensive purchase you will make. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to buying, selling or renting your home.

Browsing online is a terrific way to start a home search — but when it’s time to buy, knowing all the pros and cons of a property can help you make the right decision. Our Realtors live and breathe real estate, and they can share information about a home that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Here are a few reasons why you should always use a local realtor for your real estate needs:

Local realtors are more likely to know the current housing market and have insider information. An agent from another area will probably have to guess at many crucial marketing techniques for your area.

Local realtors know more local contacts than realtors out of town. A local agent will have more opportunities to market your property in casual settings and through other local agents and they may even know of a property coming up for sale that may not officially be on the market yet.

Local agents have the upper-hand on pricing in your area. One of the strongest reasons for working with a local agent is for their knowledge of what local buyers want and don’t want. They will understand local pricing better since they have probably sold many homes in our area.

For more information on great homes in our area we encourage you to get in touch with a local realtor today! Please check the back of this book in the "Business Directory" for a list of local realtors and their Contact Information.

Looking to build a new home? Be sure to stop in! There might be some incentives, payment assistance or grants, that will help you build the homes of your dreams!

Looking to rent? El Dorado has you covered there as well! Stop by 201 E. Central today for a list of local rental properties!