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The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1921, when a group of like-minded El Dorado citizens banded together, in hopes of placing El Dorado on the Map.

This group largely supported the idea that El Dorado should be tested for a gas field, when other gas fields had been found close by.

Members joined together to create a commercial club, who worked hard for this issue.

They eventually received support from El Dorado's governing body and tests were ordered.

Although the three holes drilled and tested were all "dry", holes, the results largely interested private corporations.

From those tests, developers moved to the area and developed what would became one of the worlds “greatest oil fields”,.

From this oil boom necessitated a larger organized commercial body from which grew the current Chamber of Commerce.

The same intentions of moving El Dorado forward, that drove the Commercial group back in 1921, still drive the Chamber today.

With volunteers from local businesses as the leading force behind the Chamber, we work diligently everyday for the items and causes that are important to them.

The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce provides services to all types of industries and businesses including other non-profits, manufacturers, governmental agencies, retail and service oriented businesses and more.

Our services range from educational seminars, to business promotions, legislative issues, to community events.

Over the past year, the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce has received an average of 29 walk-ins per day and thousands of phone calls over the year, requesting local business information or assistance in El Dorado.

In addition, the Chamber also hosts a website with business information, that has received 23,737 business directory searches and 27,018 event searches in 2016.

For more information about the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce , the City, or an El Dorado business, we encourage you to stop by our office at 201 E. Central Ave. located in the Civic Center.

We are here to help and anxious to do so.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy El Dorado, the beautiful community we are proud to call our home.

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The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization who has a passion for moving El Dorado forward. We work hard everyday and are dedicated to being the voice of business in our community.