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El Dorado's Businesses create a vibrant and robust economy. In 2017 they continued in strong fashion, creating more jobs, more services and drastically changing the landscape of our community.

2017 was a fast paced year for our business community, we had a number of El Dorado businesses open, sell, relocate, or remodel to help improve the overall aesthetics of El Dorado.

Butler Electric Cooperative kicked off the year, by unveiling their first addition to our community, a brand new state of the art facility, located on Vine St., (pictured below) they also hope to continually broaden their product offerings in our area.

Across town, the view on 6th street has changed dramatically with JRS Rental & Sales.(pictured on the next page) JRS opened a store with new ownership and a new location. Owners, Tim Briggs and Nathan Payne updated and restored an older building that has changed an eye sore into something we can all be proud of.

Also on 6th street, Dr. Chris Smith, with Smith Vision Center began the construction of his brand new 3,500sq ft. office building (pictured on the next page.) Smith Vision Center has been in our community for a number of years and recently decided it was time to build a larger facility to help accommodate his growing practice. Dr. Smith hopes to begin seeing patients at his new location beginning in 2018.

Across the street from Smith Center and JRS Rental and Sales is also the beginning of one of our brand new elementary schools, (pictured on the next page) the other school is located on Country Club Rd. It is hoped that both schools will open their doors to students in August of 2018.

Downtown has also seen incredible movement. The renovations of our Former Middle School are underway and we can start to envision the look of our new Community Performing Arts Center, also scheduled to open in 2018.

Wells Design Inc, a local merchandise printing business, located downtown, was purchased from long time owner Randy Wells by El Dorado residents Scott Hackler and his wife Yolanda. Wells Design has been a staple in El Dorado for over 40 years and plans to continue. (Continued on the Next page)

Vintage Bank changed the scenery as you enter El Dorado from the West. New to our community they remolded an older building and brought with them new faces and services.

Shaw's Pest Control Opened their doors with the leadership of Dave Shaw and long time resident Tyler Brickely opened Disc Golf Supplies. Also new to our community in 2017 is Dollar Tree, Greek Stone restaurant and Mexican restaurant Anita's.

With the update of Anitas also came new ownership with Red Coach Inn, Mike Baht, who updated their facility with new and improved lighting, technology and infrastructure.

If you are thinking of starting a local business or expanding, give us a call today, we would love to help!

JRS Rental & Sales, opened in 2017

Blackmore Elementary School, Opening 2018

Smith Vision Center, Opening 2018

Butler Rural Electric. Opened 2017

JRS Rental & Sales Opened 2017

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