Community Brochures Shorewood Digital Brochure - Page 4

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the freedom from maintaining your own home while staying connected to the Florence community, lifelong learning, and your personal support system, Shorewood Senior Living is the place for you. At Shorewood you’ll enjoy: • Peace of mind—home maintenance, housekeeping, and meals are provided • Connections—social events, learning opportunities, and community outings are available to you • Community—get to know like-minded people who share a love of living in a coastal town environment • Opportunity—tend your own garden bed, play billiards, check out books from our Florence Public Library connection service, or exercise just to name a few of what’s available to you! • Give and receive support— emotional and spiritual reciprocal care is a valuable part of living in community. You support the community just as much as the community supports you!