COUNTY CONNECTION Co nnec t w it h La ke Count y Visit our website to connect with specific departments and services. Whether you want news about transportation, voting, taxes, recycling or health - there are multiple ways to receive it. Email, Twitter, Facebook, Videos - Get news your way! Board Member Email Newsletters Lake County board members send bi-monthly email newsletters that include important news and information about county government services and programs. In addition, the newsletters are targeted to your specific district by including community news and events, and dig a little deeper into the issues that matter to your area. Lake County Government is Now on Facebook Lake County just launched a Facebook page! For timely, up-to-date, news and announcements "Like" Lake County on Facebook. This is the spot to connect with the day-to-day happenings in the county, view pictures from events, and learn more about what the County does. BUSINESS LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS WWW.LAKECOUNTYIL.GOV