COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 96

BUY ONE At 13 metres the ZR1 is perfect for Snake Lakes and shorter range/ margin fishing on more open pools. it’s strength lends itself to margin fishing for big munters. The Daiwa ZR1 is brilliantly priced at £475 RRP with deals to be had on top of that. You can also pick up top kits for the ZR1 from £37 each. We took the ZR1 Plus out onto a small commercial pool chasing skimmers. We were impressed with the response of the ZRI at it’s full 13m length, it also maintained it’s straightness and maximum length, meaning we had a comfortable days fishing. The pole’s sections fitted into each other smoothly and the arrows on each section made the job a whole lot easier. The pole has a very smooth feel to it, making shipping in and out a doddle, this makes a big difference when playing fish as a smooth action prevents jerky movements that can lose you fish. This smooth finish also helps when cupping in bait, meaning less spills on the way over. When you buy a product from Daiwa, no matter what it is, you can be assured of it’s quality and that’s certainly the case with the ZR1 Plus. The whole set-up looks and performs like a pole of at least double the price and we wouldn’t be afraid of using the ZR1 Plus for any short range canal and lake work. The elastic rating of the ZR1 Plus is up to a No. 12 on the pole’s Match kits, whilst you can go up to a No. 20 on the Power kits. Use the match kits for silvers and F1’s and the power kits for hauling in carp. As with all pole fishing it pays to set up a number of match and power kits so that you can quickly change throughout the day. You recieve one match kit and two power top twos, giving you that flexibility needed. A cool addition to the ZR1 Plus is the “Section Alignment System” which makes it even easier for you to take sections on and off. All you have to do is align the arrows and you’ll get it spot on every time!