COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 88

BUY ONE Both the 3000 and 4000 versions come with the option of double and single handles to suit your fishing style. Both will give you tremendous cranking power. Both sizes of the MAP P FD reel are priced the same at £89.99 RRP. You might be able to find them cheaper but you’ll have to look hard. casting feeders and Method feeders with this reel. Again, like the 3000 version this reel comes with single and double handle variations and we’d recommend using the double handle for feeder work. Anti-twist line rollers and a sensitive front drag make these reels a joy to use, they are smooth yet provide the cranking power needed to bag up with ease. Another great feature of both these reels is that they come supplied with a single and double handle, giving you plenty of flexibility. MAP describes these reels as “work horses” and this is exactly what they are – solid, reliable reels that just work. Those techies amongst you will like the fact that the reels boast 9 +1 bearings, a balanced rotor and a 5.0:1 gear ratio on the 3000 with the 4000 version having a 6.0:1 ratio. An easy to locate front clutch makes quickly changing the drag whilst playing a fish a doddle. This is certainly one of the easiest to use front drag systems on the market at the moment. It is sensitive, smooth and combined with the anti-twist line rollers, gives you a fantastic fish playing experience. The innovative ACS (Auto Clip System)line clip means you can clip up, whilst having the piece of mind that your line won’t snap should a large carp power off with your line still in the clip.