COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 86

MAP ACS P3/4000 FD T he P3000FD and P4000FD reels from MAP have been designed to cover float and feeder fishing methods – we’d use the P3000 for float work and the P4000 for feeder. The P3000 features an over-sized shallow spool, which prevents the line ‘bedding’ in, which is often a problem associated with deeper spools. The spools also feature MAP’s innovative ACS line clip, allowing you to clip up to hit that spot time and time again, but if you do latch into a larger specimen the line will release, saving your tackle and the fish’s welfare. Elsewhere the reel supports an anti-twist line roller, a balanced rotor and sensitive front drag system – giving you smooth performance and a reel that will last a good number of seasons. The P3000 can hold 200m of 0.23mm/6lb and the P4000 150m of the same diameter and breaking strain. As we’ve mentioned before the 4000 reel has been designed by MAP for more feeder fishing applications. You can use it for longdistance float work targetting large carp but you’ll be finding yourself MORE INFO