COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 84

BUY ONE The Garbolino Super Rocket Feeder rods have RRPs of £44.99 for the 11foot and £49.99 for the 12 foot rod. However you can expect to pay as little as £30 if you shop around. Now that’s a bargain. this allowed us to punch those 30g feeders out to the spot with ease. It’s not just the performance of the rod that impressed us, it also looks the business – featuring shiny new graphics you’ll even look good catching bream (if that’s possible). Glass is a fantastic tip material as it shows up those hard to detect bites that other materials may not. Having three tips allows you to pick the one that suits your needs for the day. Looking at the Super Rocket’s blank you can see it’s very slim, giving the rod a lightweight feel and also the look of a feeder rod that could easily be offered in a higher price bracket. For most commercial applications you simply don’t need a rod costing 100’s of pounds and for under £50 you won’t find many other rods of the same quality on the market. Due to this great price you might want to buy a few rods and set them up with different setups, especially in a match fishing scenario. We tested the Super Rocket whilst bream fishing but we’d certainly use the rod for catching carp, tench and other species too, it’s a proper all rounder. Three glass tips give you the flexibilty to tailor your set-up to