COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 82

GARBOLINO SUPEROCKET MEDIUM FEEDER MORE T he Super Rocket is a new generation of rod from match experts Garbolino, designed to be true all rounders. To test it out the CA team took the 11’ version out to prolific winter silver fish venue, Meadowlands fishery. The tactic was small cage feeder and dead maggot on the hook, to fish this the Super Rocket was armed with its softest tip (3/4oz) to detect those subtle bream bites. The first thing we noticed about the Super Rocket was it’s very tippy action, this really helped to exaggerate bites, and there were plenty of them such is the stock of bream here. Despite being ‘tippy’ the Super Rocket soaked up the lunges of skimmer bream up to 2lb and there were hardly any lost fish at the net, a common occurrence when your set-up is over-gunned or unbalanced. Casting-wise the rod performed fantastically and we were able to hit the spot, despite a nasty crosswind – the rod has a stiff backbone and INFO