COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 80

Swims lowered so not all suitable for disabled anglers. Parking is close by but not directly behind the swims. Mirrors, commons and leather carp to 26lb. Bream to 10lb, tench to 8lb, golden tench to 5lb, grass carp to 8lb, koi and ghosties to 20lb. Roach and rudd to 2½lb along with a few cracking perch to 3lb. Home Lake has two barbecue stations for use. 10 WAGTAIL POOL 22 SWIMS 15 SWIMS 07 HOME LAKE PRICES Mirrors, commons and ghost carp to 32lb, catfish to 62lb. Tickets bookable online; 24 hours £20. Some day tickets available for £10, call Dale first on 07764 242731. Usual big-water rules apply. 09 TENCH PIT 3 SWIMS 5 SWIMS 08 SAND LAKE DAY TICKETS: £7 (£5 over 65/under 16) EVENING TICKETS: This is the new flagship match lake stocked with 2,500lb of commons, mirrors F1s and ghost carp from 3lb to 8lb and 5,000lb of mirrors and commons from 1lb to 3lb. Over 7,000lb of fish for 22 pegs, plus roach and ide. Only one rod at a time to be fished and no floating baits or boilies bigger than 10mm. Barbless hooks and no bite alarms. £5 (£4 over 65/under 16) Platform swims with a slight slope down to them. Parking nearby. Tench to 8lb and golden tench to 4lb. Float fishing only with rod or pole.