COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 74

TIE TEA BAGS tighten up until you get a slight tension on the tip. It’s now a case of waiting for a bite. I time my casts so that I leave the bait out for no more than 25 minutes. It seems a long time, but in cooler conditions, as I’ve explained earlier, you are feeding and fishing for one bite at a time. On pleasure sessions especially, you may have to wait a while for bites, as carp tend to move away from the initial disturbance, so it can take time for them to return and find your bait. Often, the more anglers on a lake, the better your chance of catching, as the fish will be constantly on the move. 01 Think like a pole angler when deciding how much to feed. 02 Remember to tie a knot in the mesh before you start. 03 Fill the feed pot and pour the contents down the mesh feeder tube. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 04 Twist the PVA and tighten as tight as possible without tearing the bag. 05 Tie an overhand loop and hold it tight against the mesh. 06 Using your finger, put pressure on the knot and pull tight. 07 Finish off by cutting the PVA close to the knot. 08 You can feed as much or little as you like depending on the conditions.