COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 72

line (I use Daiwa Tournament ST, as it sinks quickly after casting) with a simple loop-toloop. To the other end I firstly thread a link swivel on to the fluorocarbon, then I add a small length of black Hydro to act as a sleeve. I then tie on a small snap link, and slip the black Hydro over it act as a buffer against the sliding swivel and weight to protect the knot. Then I fix a bomb to the link swivel, using one that’s heavy enough to get the required distance. The actual hook link is a 10in length of 10lb fluorocarbon with a small oval ring tied to one end. A sink bead is then added to Bright yellow poppedup baits worked early doors, but a change in colour bagged the biggest carp of the session. YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT BUT THE BITES WILL COME give some weight to the setup, to anchor the popped-up bait once in the water. This part of the hook link is then finished with a loop at the other end. I then tie a short, 2in hairrigged hook link with 0.22mm Gamakatsu G-Line and a size 12 hook. This is then attached to the oval ring to complete the setup. To fish it, firstly hair rig your bait and then thread a small teabag on to the hook link, down to the sink bead. Finally, attach it to the fluorocarbon leader, and you are now ready to cast. After casting, place the rod in the rests, but do not mend the line, as you want the fluorocarbon leader to sink to the bottom. Once the reel line sinks, gently