COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 70

WILL’S TEA BAG RIG 01 The lead attaches to a running link swivel, stopped by a sleeved snap link. 02 A sink bead is set above the oval ring. This anchors the short, baited hook link to the deck. 01 02 03 03 Push the needle longways through the tea bag and thread it down the hook link. 04 The tea bag then rests on the sink bead to leave the rig tangle free when it is cast out. 05 Once in the water with hook bait sits up well off the bottom, away from all the rubbish. 04 05 06 deck, by simply hair rigging the hook bait and threading a tea bag onto the hook line – down to the hook. This will work, but I am finding that more often these days, you get an awful lot of rubbish building up on lake beds over winter, which can often mask the bait if it is disturbed by fish as they graze around, so when I do fish the method, I look to fish popped-up baits. These can be mini boilies and barrel baits – there are loads to choose from – and I find the bright yellow baits the best. However, red, orange and 06 The PVA then m [˜Y