COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 68

That said, it’s best not to just make one size of bag, as conditions can change where you might suddenly need to fish with bigger bags, as the fish go on a feeding spree. I suggest you make up a mixture of three different sizes, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t use them on the day, as they will keep for as long as you keep them dry. How you tie the bags is also important. Firstly, you need to use a PVA mesh that breaks down within two or three minutes of hitting the deck, so it pays to try out a few different makes and test them out, as some products take a lot longer than others. This can be down to the mesh size, and the density of the PVA. You also need to take the temperature of the water into account, as PVA melts a lot slower in the colder months than in summer. Once you decide on the product you want to use, you need to ensure you tie each bag so that when the PVA melts, the pellets explode out to create a small bed of feed close to the hook bait. Also, by the time this happens, the pellets will have started to break down and put a little smell into the water. To get this explosion effect you need to tie that bags as tight as possible without the PVA mesh ripping. This comes with practice but, once you have loaded the mesh, twist it tight to compress the contents and tie an overhand knot as close to the main body as you can. As I mentioned earlier, the tea bag is best fished when the water is still quite clear, so high-visibility hook baits are perfect to fish with them. Now you can fish the baits on the Pre-tie your bags but remember to keep them nice and dry any moisture will eat at the PVA and cause the bag to rupture, especially on the cast. BRIGHT BAIT With tea bags working we’ll when water clarity is good, Will’s first choice of hook bait is brightly coloured mini boilies and dumbells, giving the carp a hugely visible target to go at. FOR IMPACT YOU WANT THE BAGS TO EXPLODE