COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 62

01 Connector For this examp le we’re fitting a S tonfo connector, whic h comes in two p arts – the main connec tor and the cover. Th ese need to be separ ated before fitting. 02 Cover Thread the cover on to the elastic (th at’s coming out of th e tip of the pole) firs t. 03 Thread On Now pass the el astic through the ho le in the connector. 04 Knot Tie an overhan d knot on to the connec tor to secure it to the elastic 07 Set Tension Using an extrac tor rod that fits in to th e back of your bung (a nd that you should have 05 Moisten got in the same pack Before you tigh ten when you boug ht it) up the knot mo isten insert your bun g into it so stop the ru bber the section. Ho lding heating and bei ng the rod at the p oint damaged under where it meets the the end tension. of the section, p ull the bung out and co mpare 06 Save Tag how far in the b ung With the tag en g o es co m pared to the d of the knot still in re ar se ction depth place, slide the cover o m ar k you noted in th ver the e connector – the p re vious step. The tag rear will give a bette o f y o u r b u r fit. ng needs to be further in to the section than this point. 5 Connector 04 01 02 03 05 06 07 07