WELCOME HELLO The world of commercial fisheries is massive. Not only are there more venues to fish right across the UK than ever before, but the range of species, tactics and tackle to be considered not to mention the vast ranges of shapes, sizes and depths of waters on offer - makes these kind of fisheries THE most exciting prospect for the modern angler that there is. Commercials can offer the most amazing sport for us anglers, but that’s not to say that they’re easy. Of course on the right days and in the right conditions a fish a chuck can happen, but to make the most of them you still have to be on your game and know what you’re doing – yes we go fishing for pleasure, but we all want to catch, right? And that is what is at the heart of Commercial Angler magazine. Here we want to deliver the best information, insight and inspiration to help you make the most of your fishing on commercial venues – it’s as simple as that. That’s why we’ve got together some of the finest minds ever to have cast a feeder or lowered a float into a commercial to give you the benefit of their experience and knowledge. And that’s not the only good news either. If you’re reading this then you’ll have already worked out that all of this information, all of this access to the cream of angling talent in the country, all of it comes for the grand price of absolutely nothing – that’s right, Commercial Angler magazine is completely free to read. So keep going and dig in, get as much from the magazine as you can before getting out there and putting it into your own fishing, we really hope it helps. Good luck and tight lines. The Editor