COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 48

MORE INFO MORE INFO MORE INFO S T I B ’ N I G G BA MORE INFO MORE INFO MORE INFO THAT E L K C A T E TH CE FEREN F I D E H T S AKE M MIDDY GURU MAP SONUBAITS RINGERS DRENNAN Using soft rubber for the over sleeve means that if you loose a fish mid fight the impact as the elastic retracting will be softer on your pole tip. They’re easy to fit, come with Dacron loops and are available in five sizes. This has taken feeder rests to the next level with adjustable arms at either end of the multi-position central tube that can be changed to any angle to suit how you have setup. Tough and well designed we love the Reaper. The Flexi Pot comes with two types of lid – one open and one with a mesh for trickling in bait. They’re rubberised making them strong and preventing damage to your expensive pole too. Bloodworm is THE natural food source for most coarse fish, so what better ingredient for a range of baits. These softies are perfect for catching all manner of commercial fish and come in 4, 6 and 8mm. These low oil pellets are ideal for winter angling and work brilliantly when the fish aren’t feeding particularly hard. They are designed to mould around your feeder and are supplied in a 900-gram bag. A hi-vis, soft pole elastic developed for F1s and silvers, featuring greater stretch than solid latex, making it spot on for these species. You get a Dacron connector with your 3m, 4 to 6 rated Bungee elastic. £2.99 £11.99 £3.99 £2.99 XTREME PRO CONNECTOR REAPER ROD REST FLEXI POLE POT SOFT HOOKER PELLETS MICRO PELLETS F1 & SILVERFISH BUNGEE £3.49 £8.95