COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 46

Get To Grips With.. the pelletWfeeder There are many different types of pellet feeder available (this one’s a Guru Mini Pellet Feeder) but they all work in the same way, delivering feed containing a hookbait in a focused area – like an open-end feeder with one end shut off. re ders a e e f t e l Pel ing up sitt he d e g g ri actly t x e e n d i in l Metho a s a same hey use .T feeder ooklink th a shor ed to the ix semi-f the feeder f o rig front ns the a e m s (thi free come e b h l l i w enoug f i g n i runn e is ap s r u s s e pr ean this m plied) n a fish he that w e bait and th ts’ takes or ‘bol s e v o m lf ks itse ight o o h t i e t the w agains eder. fe of the hen the water cools and the fish are feeding less, the pellet feeder is a great addition to your arsenal to keep your tip smashing round. Working in a similar way to the Method feeder, the pellet feeder delivers a tight little package of feed (pellets) under and around your hook – but with a difference. In the cooler water temps of winter carp are slower, they need to take less energy in so feed less and as such you’re not going to get rabid hoards of them attacking your feeder like you do in the summer months. More likely you’ll have one or maybe two fish coming in and taking their time over your bait. This means that if you fish a standard Method feeder with 360degree access to the feed for the carp you’re effectively reducing you chances of them finding your hookbait. What the pellet feed does then is concentrate the fish, focusing the feed out the front of the feeder around your hook bait and so increasing your chance of the fish being on your hook straight away.