COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 40

A COUPLE OF HOURS IN 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m MEAT Meat can be a killer bait for big carp, but to keep them interested you need to have the resources to hold them in the swim. One can of meat is a lot, but always take a couple of back-ups in your bag, just in case. e n o y l n o s ’ s i e h r t e h k t c a t t a d ! ’ I t t a i e a m b . . . h t i w m i sw My second approach is the 5m to 6m line. This has been covered a lot in the past, but spring is when it starts coming into its own. Typically it starts to produce a couple of hours into a session as the big fish move towards the margins in search of more feed, and the extra depth you have by fishing at this distance is vital to the fish feeding confidently in bright daylight conditions. To my mind there’s only one bait I’d attack this swim with – meat! I like to use the Bait-Tech N-Tice Polony, a great bait which is slightly different to most luncheon meats and also contains a lot less fat, which can prove very effective for outsmarting the bigger, clued up-carp. I prepare the feed for this by using the 6mm blade on my meat cutter, but always have some 8mm pieces ready for standout hook bait. Feeding is very simple on this line but you need to be disciplined and keep bait going in throughout the day. I pot in around a quarter of a big pot at the start of a session and will loose feed four to five cubes every 90 seconds or so. This provides a constant trickle of bait going in, which will build the swim steadily for a couple of hours before fishing it, but before I do go in on it the last couple of times I feed I’ll increase the bait to 10 cubes to get the fish feeding properly. Once you begin to catch at five metres it’s always best to double the amount of feed you introduce. Around 10 to 12 pieces is CORN GROUNDBAIT Corn as a superb big carp bait, and acts both a feed and as an attractant due to its bright colour. It’s filling though, so don’t over feed it. This is how much Tony puts into his swim at a time. Groundbait is the perfect feed for the margins. It creates a large area of scent both on the deck and up on the water to bring in and hold big carp, but without feeding them up which is perfect as you want them to home in on your hookbait. about right to keep the fish in your swim. Tackle for this line is a little different due to it being a ‘bagging zone’. You need to be able to land fish quickly and with minimal fuss, so for this reason I use a 0.17mm main line. This gives me the option of upping my hooklength diameter should things get hectic, although I’d always start on an 0.15mm hooklength. Floatwise I find the MAP SD4 in a 4x14 to be the best for this style, again shotted with a strung bulk of No9s and plumbed to dead depth. A size 16 B911 would be my starting hook, going up to a 14 if I needed to fish a bigger bait or I was catching a lot of fish. Elastic is also beefed up a bit to a 12-16 MAP Twin Core, which is still soft but has more power for landing fish quicker.