COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 28

STORAGE Using long rigs means storage on your top kits can be difficult – especially if you only have one No4 section. Craig’s clever solution is to wind part of the rig on to a winder and then insert that into the bottom of his No3 section. This prevents a load of line hanging around and getting tangled and allows you to swap rigs quickly and easily as and when you need to. SHOTTING HOOK BAITS To optimisme your presentation don’t fish with your olivette too close to the hook. Leave yourself a gap so that you can use small, dropper shots to work for you to effectively control the rate of fall of your hookbait through the final few feet, and to allow you monitor bite detection much better. On the day Craig caught well on natural baits that proved the downfall of the majority of the skimmers - double maggot being the king. He did catch on change baits though when things slowed, with a bright peice of corn often getting interest as soon as it touched bottom. at you want the th is is th d in h be The reason r rig straight and u yo ep ke to le ab weight to be ouble the bottom. The tr to n w do it ba e th get shot y and use standard tr u yo if , gh ou th , comes t at amount of weigh th t ge to se u ca be for this e rig and that’s th on ot sh of t lo a you’d need r line. es and damage you gl n ta te ea cr to e bl lia which will create d in w a in g in sh fi Plus, if you’re vier want to go even hea ll u’ yo , er at w e th tow in to counteract it. e an olivette. These ar The answer then is at sit -shaped weights th ar pe l, al sm lly ca si ba t in a ing a bulk of weigh id ov pr e, lin r u yo on essary package and are nec ed lin am re st , ct pa com ding over 0.5g in ee n t oa fl a g n si u if you’re ploy the inline type em to s er ef pr ig ra weight. C h he locks in place ic h w e, lin e th p u that slides ome guys just put “S . de si er th ei ot with small sh ivette to slide ol e th g in w lo al , th a shot undernea ’s se I like to know it u ca be t n’ do I e, lin ce up the ’s just personal choi it t bu e, ov m to g not goin really,” he explains. gh then, and even thou Back to the maths t he goes for a 0.7g oa fl 1g a g n si u ’s ig Cra eed to leave 0.3g of n u yo ly al de “I . te olivet so you’ve got a bit of te et iv ol r u yo r te af ur weight shot to improve yo r pe op dr r fo ’ om ‘wiggle ro ically the olivette as “B s. u lls te e h ,” presentation oat wn and cock your fl do k oo h r u yo t ge will it then bring your ba ill w rs pe op dr e th sh while e swim where the fi th gh u ro th c ar an , down in ur float right down yo t do to k or w en are, and th more bites.” allowing you to see u can also adjust yo d, in m in e ov ab Bearing the u te based on how yo et iv ol r u yo of h pt the de have. For example, be to it ba k oo h r u want yo raig had roach in C n io ss se e th of t at the star p off the bottom. u y tl h ig sl e er w at his swim th BAIT MATTERS effect Depth will have an that the on your feeding in as to travel further your bait h column, through the water read the more it will sp ection, out and change dir of feed will meaning your bed ider area be spread over a w ant that. - and you don’t w heavier Bec W6R