COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 118

THE POPULAR ONLINE SERIES NOW ON DVD ONLY £19.99 WHAT YOU GET... ISSUE ONE F1S & SILVER FISH ON SNAKE LAKES Des tackles Tunnel Barn Farm and shows how to approach a typical commercial in the cold. ISSUE TWO BREAM ON LARGE STILLWATERS Shearwater Lake is the venue for Des’ feeder and pole tactics for bream. ISSUE THREE EARLY SPRING COMMERCIALS Spring time is a difficult time of year on commercials but follow Des’ tactics and you’ll never look back. ISSUE FOUR HARD PELLET FISHING Des fishes hard pellets on the pole and pellet waggler. This will change the way you fish pellets forever ISSUE FIVE MATCH FISHING SPECIAL Follow Des from start to finish as he competes in a five hour match at The Glebe complex. ISSUE SIX CHOPPED WORM ON COMMERCIALS Des shows how to target the bigger fish in a mixed fishery by using chopped worm tactics. To access the e-magazine (which is supplied in PDF format) place the DVD into your computer’s DVD drive and right click (ctrl click on a Mac) on the disc icon that appears on your desktop. Then click ‘open’ and you will then see the PDF. *Please note that links do not work in the PDF version of the e-magazine ISSUES ONE TO SIX INCLUDES SIX VIDEOS AND THE DI %Q0)YIM%=9L