COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 114

“Rather than casting to a load of spots in quick succession, I prefer to cast a bait to one spot and leave it for 10 minutes to see whether I get a bite, or a liner,” he explained. “If I get any indication, then I’ll concentrate on that area, as I know that fish are nearby. “I could leave the bait out there for 30 minutes to an hour if I’m sure they’ll feed at some point,” he added, “but normally I’ll keep it to 10 minutes.” Bob also added that he would keep a lookout for signs of any fish topping. So how do you feed the swim when you’re fishing the straight lead? “I don’t feed at all for the first hour, unless I find the fish during that time,” explained Bob. “Then, I’ll only use a small feeder, like this window feeder, as it concentrates the feed in a tight area to pull any fish to my hook bait. “I add a pinch maggots to the feeder and plug the window with softened micros,” he added. “This is then cast out with a baited hook, just in case a fish moves in quickly. “I’d feed no more than two feederfuls, or maybe three if it’s a bit warmer, but no more until I get bites, and then only it I’m still getting indications that fish are there.” Even in the depths of winter, some commercial venues ensure you can turn up and fish in sub-zero temperatures by turning on the aerators overnight, which keeps the water moving so that it doesn’t ice up. Lake Ross has a fountain in the centre of the lake, and that was enough to keep most of the It was a struggle but through venue frost free. reason and hard work Bob Bob started the session by casting double red worked out where the fish maggots into the open water, fishing in an arc were, what they wanted from his right until he reached the floating and crucially, when to feed. island, leaving the bait in for 10 minutes. The results might not be The first hour failed to produce a bite, a massive bag of summer which left Bob feeling that the fish were proportions, but in freezing probably sheltering under the island. He conditions, it warmed us decided to concentrate his efforts here, and right up. after another biteless 30 minutes, he reeled in and discovered that one of the baits had been nibbled, although he hadn’t seen his tip move. BOB’S CATCH