COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 112

Closer examination of Bob’s baits showed that he’d brought a wide selection: not what you would expect for a short winter session, considering the conditions. “I like to bring a selection of different baits to ring the changes, as you can never be sure what the fish will want,” he explained. “Maggots are the number-one choice, as they’ll catch anything that feeds during winter. “Meat, especially a flavoured type, is something I like to use if I start to get pestered by small fish when I’m targeting carp. This is garlicflavoured, which gives off a good smell in the water. Again, it doesn’t need to be a big bait; I’ve got some 4mm cubes today. “Then there’s worms and bread, which are good change baits if I’m not catching on the maggots,” he added. “I’ve also got some soaked 2mm carp pellets, which I will feed if I don’t get any bites, just to put a little flavour in the water.” THE BOMB Controlled feeding is the key to catching in extremely cold conditions, and fishing the bomb on the tip gives you control of this seperate to your rig. It also allows you to hunt around for fish, working out where they are before you feed them. FISHING A BIGGER TARGET BAIT WILL BRING MORE BITES Bob pointed out that the maggots he was using were almost dead, so they didn’t bury in the lake bed, and that the way he prepared them ensured that they didn’t stretch, retained their colour and stayed soft. “Dead maggots are a good winter bait, but sometimes the way they are prepared can make them look unappetising in the clear water,” he explained. “To prepare mine, I place them in a plastic bag, remove all the air and leave them for two days in the fridge. “It won’t kill all of the bait, but as you can see, these look like they’ve just come from the tackle shop,” he added, pointing to the bait tub full of red maggots. If you’re going to catch in the cold, you need to locate the fish before even thinking about feeding, and even then it might not be a good idea as you want the fish to find your bait rather than fill up on feed. As Bob stated earlier, he cast around to find the deepest water. 01 Double red maggot is a catch all bait 02 Flavoured meat cube targets bigger fish 03 Bright bread punch is a great colour change bait 04 Classic worm is big and full of juices 01 02 03 04