COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 106

THE RESULT “Swapping to a cage feeder creates a cloud of bait through the water column, which should help to draw fish in and down to the bed of feed I’ve already got going in,” Simon tells us. Unfortunately, after what seems to be a positive start, the feeder looks to be a dead end, so he quickly changes tactics, calling his pole lines into operation. Starting off short at 6m, his target is roach, which are more likely to be in the shallower water closer in. A quick put-in with single is switching lines after just a couple of fish. “My 14m line is in around nine feet of water so I’m fishing an olivette rig under a 1.5g round-bodied DC18 float,” says Simon as he ships out. “This will get the bait down quickly to where the skimmers are feeding and give me good stability and bite indication.” Almost as soon as the single 6mm expander and size 16 Kamasan 911 F1 hook hit the deck the float goes. A quick lift of his Garbolino M1 pole and a better fish is on, the Simon work ed hard today, rotati ng lines, gently feed ing cagey fi sh and finally getting into a rhythm tha t saw him ta ke an impressiv e weight of nearly 20lb . This came mainly from the 6m line with some c racking roa ch and big per ch, while th e 14m line ga ve a numbe r of small skimm ers late on. The pole was by far the mos t productive method. SIMON’S TIP BITE TACTIC When you’re feeder fishing you’re looking for steady, consistent movements on the tip. Whether that’s a pull or a drop back, if it’s steady then it’s going to be a fish on the bait. Dings and sharp knocks will be liners or fish nicking the feeder. caster on the hook and a pinch of casters flicked in by hand reveals that his thinking is correct and a plump fish is soon in the net. Simon’s rig for this swim uses a strung-out shotting pattern to deliver a slower hook-bait descent through the swim. A few more putins though and it’s clear the fish are on the bottom, leading Simon to swap to a bulk rig and get the bait down to them. With roach bites sometimes being little more than gentle sighs on the hook, Simon wants his bite indication to be as sensitive as possible. To achieve this he uses a slightly overshotted 0.4g slim-bodied float and then greases the tip. This sees just a pimple left on the surface, which dips at the merest touch. The silvers are cagey today, meaning Simon doubled-up No4 elastic doing its job well. “I’ve been experimenting with doubled-up elastic and found the power delivery is much smoother. It’s soft on the strike but the more that comes out, the more power you get,” smiles Simon as he nets the skimmer. Much like the roach swim, Simon has a couple of other fish from the 14m line before it goes quiet. However, a pinch of pellets potted in soon has them moving again. “It