COMMERCIAL ANGLER vol. 1 - Page 104

SIMON FRY SIMON’S KIT FEEDER Rod: Garbolino 10ft G-MAX Bomb with light carbon tip Reel: Shimano Stradic 3000 Main line: 8lb Shimano Technium Hook: Size 16 Kamasan B911 F1 Hooklength: 0.12mm Garbo Line Fishing in th e same area o f the main la to fish just tw ke at Meado o pegs away wlands as D on Peg 19, a producing g arren, Simon s again this is ood weights opts one of the sw in recent silv a deeper swim ims that’s be er-fish match than Darren en es. However, in the hope “It’s about fi Simon’s gon of finding m ve feet at aro e for ore skimmer und six metr over nine fee s. es here and a t,” Simon te t 14 metres I lls us after a feeder, thoug ’ll be fishing good plumb h, while I wa at around. “I’ll it for the po Feeding exac start off on th le lines to de tly the same e velop.” groundbait m with a single ix as Darren ball before fe , Simon feed eding casters about pellets s his 6m line over the top , with a sing . At 14 metr le ball of gro “I’ll let them es, undbait load develop now ed with them though, it’s all and fish the cupped in. feeder at aro und 30 metr about and fe es to see wha eding,” expla t’s ins Simon. His approac h to the feed er sees him lo sized, open-e ad a medium nded feeder with ground dead maggo bait laced wit ts and pellets h . The holes o taped up, wit n the feeder h Simon sim are ply looking initial bed o to lay down f feed, so wa an nting to get deck before “I’m looking th e a fe n e y d th e r to the ing comes o to be a bit m ut. ore frugal w the open-en it d and then si h my feed so t on it until I’ll make a fe important to I w casts with get a bite,” h compact the e says. “For th groundbait p have bait co is to work it roperly in th ming out as ’s e feeder. Too soon as it hit much and if gently and y s the surface you get an e ou’ll and on the w arly bite you over the plac ay down. To ’re in danger e as you play o of spreading a fish in. Th the bottom. a trail of bait e ideal is for all the bait to fa “When you’r ll out just as e starting up it hits a swim it’s im can ruin you portant to tr r efforts,” he y not to spo adds. “To he use two tung ok any fish a lp prevent sp sten line sink s it o o k e in r s, g With a few fi positioned a fish on the m bove the fee sh falling to ain line I der to pin th the tactics, ta single live m e line down.” king Simon’s aggot hook b double dead ait on the en approach. A maggot or d of a 2½ft h smaller cage ook link, he feeder is clip changes his ped on and tightly packe d with groun dbait. The silv e extreme rs were ly cagey POLE Pole: Garbolino G-MAX M1 Floats: Garbolino DC18 1.5g (pellet) and DC12H (caster) Hook: Kamasan B911F1 (size 16 pellet, size 18 caster) Hooklength: 0.10mm Garbo Line (pellet) and 0.09mm (caster)