Colts Gameday Newsletter 7 Dec 3rd Indianapolis_digital - Page 12

game details + entertainment stadium’s north end zone deck, FanDuelVille gives all fans at EverBank Field access to the space, which can comfortably hold 3,000 fans at once, offering the ability to watch the live-game experience from any area in FanDuelVille on two of the world’s largest video boards. Southside Burrito Company (Section 125) Duval Grille (Section 128) Andrew Jackson’s BBQ (Section 131) Vinny’s Original/Authentic Philly (Section 409 & 436) DeVille Grille (Section 141, 410 & 435) Grid Iron Grill (Section 146) Upon entering FanDuelVille, fans gain entry to the biggest and best party scene in professional sports, including multiple bars with signature cocktails! CONCESSIONS Look out for our Hot Dog Nation carts all around the stadium and get a Footlong Hot Dog over 8 toppings to make your seat neighbors jealous. Our Daily’s stores have all sorts of snacks, candy and beer right at arm’s reach. You can fi nd them near section 133, Lycamobile South End Market and the US Assure Club. Featured Spot of the Game: Near the Ramps you will fi nd our Stadium Classics stands. Make sure you ask them for a Bottomless Popcorn for $10. Come back when your Bucket is empty for more popcorn for FREE during the game! Go Jags! Souvenir Cups are back! Collect all the new designs and take advantage of that $4.00 refi ll at any concession stand! Gluten Free Options: Visit any one of the following stands for gluten free concession options including hot dogs, fries, bottomless popcorn, nachos and more! Stadium Classics (Section 104, 115, 131, 142, 414, & 442) Bubba Burger (Section 105 & 132) 95 Southern Fried (Section 114) Bono’s (Section 119) Smokey’Q BBQ (Section 405 & 431) Visit for a full list of gluten free items available at EverBank Field. PREMIUM PREVIEW US ASSURE CLUB We are ready to take on the Indianapolis Colts. The US Assure Club has some exciting new menu options for you this game. Head up to the 4th Floor and try out a Bubba Burgerlicious Burger Basket with French Fries and a Souvenir Soda at our Bubba Burger Stand. Our Chef’s Specialty Pizza for this game will be the Indianapolis Pizza. Grilled and Sliced NY Strip Steak, Roasted & Sliced Fingerling Potatoes, Shredded Mozzarella and Shaved Onions. Feature Spot of the Game: On the lower level (2nd Floor) of the US Assure Club head to the Peterbrooke kiosk for some chocolate covered popcorn or chocolate covered Oreos. Make sure you go early as these usually sell out!