Colonial Springs Reflections January 2019

Colonial Springs Reflections Volume 30, Issue 1 January 2019 Colonial Springs Healthcare Center is an affiliate of CMH, Bolivar, Mo., 417-326-6000 Facility Location: 750 W. Cooper St., Buffalo, MO 65622, 417-345-2228 R ES ID ENT T RIB UT E INSIDE THIS ISSUE Resident Spotlight 1 Facebook 1 Resident Pictures 2 Upcoming Activities 2 Calendar of Events 3 Resident Birthdays 4 New Residents 4 “Like” us on Facebook! Colonial Springs has a Facebook page! “Like” us to keep up with all the latest activities and events at Colonial Springs Look for the icon pictured below and don’t forget to click “Like.” L IN DL E WI L E Y A few months ago, I did a story on a gentlemen who was very special to many of us. He wrote poems and passed them out to residents, employees and family members each time he wrote one. He said, “This is my inspiration from the Lord. He gave me this talent and I want to share it with everyone I meet. Maybe someday someone will be saved through my kindness to them.” Lindle Wiley went to be with the Lord on November 26. I would like to share a few of his poems in his honor in hopes to share his love for the Lord one more time. Serve Jesus Serve Jesus, have peace Galore A Christian couldn’t ask for more, Jesus has Salvation in store To the rich and to the poor. Never limit what Jesus can do He gives Joy to those who are blue, To the sad, this is a clue Jesus makes the weary new. A Christian should work until they die So sinners can see they tried, That sin a person doesn’t hide In Jesus we always confide. A Christian shouldn’t try to fail Don’t let Satan take the wind out of your sail, Keep ole’ Satan in his toil Where he has no chance for boil. .Help Me Jesus Help me Jesus to walk the line For all will tell in due time So the world can see Jesus in mine He is so loving, faithful and kind. May I never bring Jesus shame I praise and I adore His Holy name, On Calvary, he took all my blame Through Jesus Salvation came. Help me walk the narrow road At Calvary, His love was showed, May His love through me overflow So the sinner can see and know. Jesus love cannot be measured It is the Christian’s greatest treasure, When Satan puts on the pressure Jesus’ love is there to reassure. A Christian should never give up Let Jesus’ love fill your cup, Till it’s more than enough Jesus makes smooth… When the going gets tough. Lindle Leon Wiley October 8, 1940-November 26, 2018 Are you a caring individual who would like to assist in caring for the elderly? Colonial Springs Healthcare Center has opportunities in its volunteer and nursing program. For more information call Jackie Piercy, administrator, today at 417-345-2228.