Product Catalog 2019 Catalog - Page 16

H O U S E FL AG PO L E SETS ECONOMY GRADE U.S. FLAG SET (Residential. Includes 3’x5’ U.S. Flag.) This U.S. Flag Set comes complete with a 3’x5’ U.S. flag, 3-piece 6’ steel pole, plastic gold eagle ornament, mounting bracket and flag fasteners. The flag is fully printed on lightweight poly-cotton and finished with a white header and brass grommets. (3’x5’ U.S. flag included) Special 12-lot pricing 15 50 $ Comes in colorful retail package for easy gifting per set, delivered PART# FS35 DELIVERED PRICING SINGLE 12-LOT $ $ 23.00 15.50 Over $ 75 SHIPS FREE* We offer special pricing on orders of 12 or more. HEAVY-DUTY GRADE FLAGPOLE SET (Residential) NEVERFURL™ This flagpole set includes a 6’x1” white reinforced fiberglass pole and heavy-duty, gold plastic acorn ornament for long-lasting beauty, EZ Rings and heavy-duty, cast aluminum bracket with thumb screw to secure pole in the bracket. This bracket can be easily mounted with screws or stainless steel strap. (Flag, screws & strap not included) Keep your flag flying free! Neverfurl™ helps eliminate the problem of flags wrapping around their poles. The kit is easy to install and comes complete with instructions. Special 12-lot pricing Ideal for the Heavy-Duty Grade Flagpole Set 32 50 $ per set, delivered Acorn Ornament We offer special pricing on orders of 12 or more. Bracket EZ Rings DELIVERED PRICING PART# SINGLE 6-LOT 12-LOT $ HDFS 58.00 $ 39.50 $ 32.50 Over $ 75 SHIPS FREE* PART# SINGLE 6-LOT 12-LOT $ NF 12.50 $ 11.50 $ 10.50 No additional freight when ordered with Heavy-Duty Grade Flagpole Set. HEAVY-DUTY SPINNING FLAGPOLE SET (Residential) This beautiful, high quality flagpole set helps keep your flag displayed properly. The pole spins freely on a set of ball bearings which helps keep the flag from wrapping around the pole. This set includes 6’ white aluminum 2-piece pole with gold ball ornament, adjustable white aluminum mounting bracket and E-Z rings. (Flag not included) Special 12-lot pricing 37 00 $ per set, delivered DELIVERED PRICING PART# SINGLE 6-LOT 12-LOT HDRSAB $ 52.00 $ 39.00 $ 37.00 Over $ 75 SHIPS FREE* Add a nylon 3'x5' U.S. flag for only $16.50 16 Wholesale Prices • Dependable Quality Spinning Flagpole & Ornament Adjustable Bracket EZ Rings HIGH QUALIT Y FL AGPOLES FOR LESS Call (800) 950-4061