Collins Distribution Catalog August 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 29

DISH COMMERCIAL Modulator and Accessories VeCOAX MINIMOD-2 • The VeCOAX MINIMOD-2 distributes any of your HDMI video sources to an unlimited number of televisions over the existing TV coax cables, with perfect FULL HD 1080P & Dolby digital quality. • There is no need for any new cables nor accessory behind each tv, so the installation is very simple, immediate, plug ‘n play anywhere, perfect for any application. • Set the wanted channel names & position numbers, then rescan all TVs to find the VeCOAX MINIMOD-2 channels as new available HDTV TV channels. • Expand the number of channels at any time by simply adding more VeCOAX modulators on the same coax. #PVIMBSC - $359 00 10-lot - $339 00 20-lot - $319 00 VeCOAX Rack Plate for MiniMod Rack Mount Bars Kit • Install up to 4 MiniMod modulators in 1RU rack space • 19” Rack Mount Bars Kit for PVI modules • Installs up to 10 larger size modules • Installs up to 16 compact size modules #PVIRBK10 - $129 00 #PVIRP4 - $79 00 Shown with MiniMods installed GUARANTEED SAME-DAY SHIPPING on orders placed by 3pm EST 29