Collins Distribution Catalog August 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 25

DISH COMMERCIAL SMARTBOX smart technology from the inside out With unparalleled technology, SMARTBOX® revolutionizes the way we watch TV. What used to occupy an entire room is now housed within a box slightly bigger than a microwave —and smaller than any other product of its kind. SMARTBOX is also loaded with savings—cost, space and energy— never seen before in the multi-family housing industry. adaptable scalable reliable Powerful enough to support any size property, SMARTBOX is the best solution for delivering video to your entire community—all from a single platform. The intelligent design allows flexibility to grow with your business needs without taking up excess space. manageable Quick and easy to install, the SMARTBOX can be easily installed into existing equipment rooms, with input and output signal processing normally associated with FTG video platforms. An integrated wireless modem safely connects to the private and secure DISH network, which is continually monitored. SMARTBOX’s fluid technology is designed to evolve as the industry changes. The system can be easily reconfigured to meet future property expansions, system developments and network innovations with just the switch of a blade. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Redundant power supplies and prioritized, automatic service reassignment allow service to continue without disrupting viewers’ TV experience in the event of hardware failure. total cost of ownership The energy-efficient SMARTBOX requires less than 300 watts of power for a 40-channel HD lineup, consuming 90% less electricity than the current video platform. The system also operates in temperatures up to 122°F, eliminating the need for expensive cooling systems and drastically reducing the cost to deliver HD. specifications feature capability Satellite reception Up to 96 programs OTA reception Up to 32 programs QAM output 16, 48, or 96 QAM channels Analog output 24, 48, or 72 channels IP output Up to 5 Gbps Transcoding MPEG 4 / MPEG 2 Wireless modem Remote management over 3G Size (17.75”x15.875”x 8.75”) fi • SMARTBOX’s small size and ability to work with existing wiring makes it easy to integrate into any building configuration. • Output SD, HD, and IP video content from one platform. • Deliver HD video content without the need for a receiver at the TV. • The shared antenna system utilized by SMARTBOX eliminates the need for individual dishes, making your property/building more aesthetically pleasing. • Ability to add customizable community pages to communicate to your property/residents. GUARANTEED SAME-DAY SHIPPING on orders placed by 3pm EST 25