Collins Distribution Catalog June 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 11

DISH Accessories Ethernet Switch Bluetooth Adapter WiFi Adapter #ES157087 - $20 00 • Enables Bluetooth functionality for Wally or Joeys. #ES179048 - $25 00 #ES204689 - $10 00 DISH Comm Modem Homeplug Adapter Tester #ES141895 - $25 #ES157592 - $40 00 00 Sling Accessories 3’x5’ DISH Authorized Retailer Flag . Poly-knit with Header & Grommets #Z35DISHKP - $12 00 2-lot - $10 00 Sling AV Enabler Get the Sling Adapter to watch TV from anywhere. It’s the easiest way to watch live or recorded shows on the go. The Sling Adpater enables DISH Anywhere on the ViP 722k HD DVR or Hopper DVR. #ES179081 - $40 00 SlingLink Turbo W1 Ethernet Adapter Get the SlingLink Turbo W1 Ethernet Adapter and make any outlet an ethernet jack. All you need to do is plug one SlingLink Turbo W1 into an electrical outlet near a router. This will automatically connect any ViP Series Dish Receiver to the internet. A second SlingLink is required to connect other devices. Works with anything that requires an ethernet jack. #ES157089 - $3 50 GUARANTEED SAME-DAY SHIPPING on orders placed by 3pm EST 11